Look Beyond (2)

From a different angle.....


If you look beyond the rumours, if you look beyond the lies

if you look beyond assumption, if you look into my eyes

you'd see that I'm just like you, my heart and soul are saved

I've seen the light that shines above and my spirit has been raised.


Everybody has a past, and mine I'd rather forget

but I've given my life and my heart to the Lord and there's work to be done on me yet.

You've known Him longer than I have, and it seems to me you still can't take

the fact He cares for all of us, for love and nurture's sake.


He wrote a book to guide us, in Heaven and on Earth

He gave His only Son for you and me, for He realised our worth

if you would just accept me, the way our Father has done

we could serve Him together all our days, our spiritual battles won.


Never doubt He has compassion for every one of us

it's written in the Book for all to see, He teaches, He heals, He loves.

He encourages His disciples to leave old ways behind

to follow the path to the Holy Place each one of us hopes to find.


It's not that easy straight away, in fact it takes some time

but I'm no longer filled with the spirit of fear but of power, love and sound mind.

I know He is my future, my life is in His hands

every mistake I've made, everything I've achieved was all part of His plan.


If you'd only take a minute, and look how far I've come

you might look at my life a different way and see where I'm coming from

it would have been so very different had I never come to faith

but the things I've placed in my Father's hands, I know that they are safe.


It's only He who can judge me, 'cos he knows me better than you

your opinions are not the reason for the things I say and do

His counsel motivates me, the way I think and act

the selfish ways I conducted my life in the past are never coming back.


If you could only see the sacrifices I have made

you'd accept and you'd support me, and know just how I gave

my all just to be who God wants me to be -

if you look beyond, then you'd see ME.


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