i want to believe


i believe

there’s another world out there

with beings green and lanky

vibrating in the silence of dark matter

hiding in the corners of our satellites


one that transcends human knowledge and

exists in the shivering silence of space


a world

where leader does not mean sadist

and brother does not mean enemy 


there must be more -

must be a life-form beyond savages

who, once stripped of their jewels and without their crown,

step out into nature and scare away lions


i believe

there are aliens

who call us aliens

because they’ve seen what we do to each other


i believe

this world was made for them,

not us


these beings are not perfect

but they are peaceful 


they do not see the logic

in rape and murder

because of another’s

unique shade of green



i want to believe

maybe one day we can be like them 


but i don’t

how could i?

look at the history books, look at the classics

look at our never-ending scream for violence



i want to believe

that one day i’ll look outside my second story home

in my bed warmed by the dirty-maroon blood of sin

and i’ll hear them buzzing a secret frequency

coming to get me, to save me

and take me to a better place


but most of all,

i want to believe 

that i am worthy of that place





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