A mother’s Love

A mother's Love


One who’s love is so sweet

Who’s Love is more than complete

Her Love as strong as concrete

Always there when your feeling sick

A mother and a child’s bond so thick

Encourages her children all the time

Her kindness rings like a chime

Always protects her children no matter what

When something’s wrong with her kids

She feels it in her gut 

Always puts her children first 

Her smiles shines On us 

Like a starburst 

Provides for all of our needs

Teaches us only good deeds

A mother’s love plants good seeds

One always needs a mother

Because her love is a constant souther

Without a mother 

One will be lost

And tossed aside in this world 

Everyone needs a mothers Love

Because it’s as pure as a dove

With a mother always on your side

Makes your life a fascinating ride

A relationship that will always abide

When your feeling down

She’s always there to pick you up

Two souls that can never breakup

When a child feels failure

She’s there to pick you back up

Never pushes your spirit down

Switches your frown 

To smiles

Always helping you get through your worst trials

Her Love so sweet

When we fall

She puts us back on our feet

A mother’s love so strong

Feels like a beautiful love song

Knowing her Love 

Can never do me wrong

I’ll always be thankful 

Because her Love

Is my mantle

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Tue 24th Mar 2020 11:24

Simply beautiful....an innocent share...loved it zurirta!!!!

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