I’m undergoing detention in the

cell I used to call my home – and

yet without a warder to be seen. It

feels as if my very world has been

careened to satisfy the angst that

hovers like a cloud about the NHS

now running low on shrouds, and

how, those scarcities have soured.

So don’t put a foot into the street

the Germ Cops warn. It might be

much better you weren’t born, as

bugs can get you in the outdoor air.

(Like poking out a sneaky tongue.)

Oh Dear, excessive fines might even

blow the wallet – let alone the mind.

Do I hear the Sandman calling out to

me again? ‘Don’t fret in vain ‘, HIs

voice now reassuringly proclaims.

The worst caught out and locked

away in bygone days, are hailed now

as heroes by the wider literary world.





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