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I'm but .......

I'm but a talking parrot

Speaking words trained

Nothing of my mind I speak

Cos my brain's restrained


I'm but a magnet

Attracted by you

When I be negative

Your positives works on me


I'm but a locked up bird

So are everyone as of now

Liberty is a dream

Made for us to feel real


I'm but a dreamer

Of good days ahead

Looking forward to them

Like a child believing fairytales


I'm but a woman

Living life in bondage

Of my desires and wants

Yet nothing achieved accomplished 


I'm but a lover

Longing for a hug

The sky obscured you

The earth engulfed you in haze


I'm but a human

Treading my paths alone

None to guide but God

I've dreams divine to succeed


I'm but a soul

Wrapped up in verses 

Magic works outside

Wonders emerging inside


I'm but a ray of hope

Constantly burning bright

A future I do see

Built on faith and strife


I'm but a worshiper

Praying my sins away

Anointing my ailing self

With words of God, sent from high above


I'm but a citizen of my country

Trusting the government's ability 

To meet the challenges of these ugly times

Creating a safe environment of every kind


I'm but a drop of dew

Shall last for minutes few

When the sun shall shine bright

Its warmth will suck my beautiful life


I'm but the light

That shines brilliantly bright

On dark and dingy nights

It illumined many minds




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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 12:38

Thanks Po, I realized it when pointed.💕

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 06:31



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