Closed minds

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Closed minds


My hands reach out to touch you

To break a binding spell

That grips you oh! So tightly

How far my friend you've fell


So insidious and commanding, compelling you to obey

Implanting words inside your mind, the things you're meant to say.  

Thinking these thoughts are yours… because this is how you think

Your eyes opened wide., and yet so easily hoodwinked...


Catch a glimmer of a chink, of light so bright it blinds

The darkness of the shadows now illumined within your mind

What you once perceived as real, now Governments lies exposed

Unfettered, unencumbered... Your liberty now imposed.


Note to Bo-Jo:

When COBRA constricts the Capital and the civil unrest begins

You will wish you kept those ‘water-cannons’. What a different song we’ll sing

If you think that that's not happening, you had better think again

Because I share with you my vision... Anarchy will reign!

© Po.   22/03/2020


... “Equality and freedom are not luxuries to lightly cast aside. Without them, order cannot long endure before approaching depths beyond imagining.”



AnarchyCovid-19PoV for Vision

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Thu 2nd Apr 2020 20:52

Thank you for your like T.t

I am glad you enjoyed this.

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Brian Maryon

Tue 24th Mar 2020 08:23

Yes, stay in your home...or homes if you are in the privileged category. I notice that Her Maj re-located from Buck House to Windsor.

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kJ Walker

Tue 24th Mar 2020 08:11

Abnormal is the new normal.... Never a truer word. It never ceases to amaze me how people from around the world adapt to a new normal.
When you see folk bombed out of their houses living in tents soon becomes the norm

I don't think sitting in the comfort of our own houses is going to hurt us too much

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Tue 24th Mar 2020 07:27

A reposted comment after I self-moderated it for the f-word.
I posted this on another poet friend's blog and have felt bad all-night worrying they might think it was aimed at them.

Sadly most it seemed wanted to run with the pack and hunt with the hounds.

It had to come... Good plan Boris!

Understand you are free!

The more who self-isolate the sooner we will exit this dark tunnel.
Staying at home is not difficult, it's not hard!

Being bombed every day, having no roof over your head, no food, no water, no health care, no drugs for yourself and your family... Watching your children die or worse being maimed for life and having PTSD that destroys you for the rest of your/their ‘long life’ That is hardship.

We all need to understand that abnormal is the new normal... Get used to it, enjoy it, take some time out for yourself and family if you have one... if you don’t adopt one right now! Go online find a connection PUN Intended.

However, if Boris says this is hard one time I will... I will just keep smiling keep writing and keep breathing, unlike the twats who think they are superhuman who don’t give a toss about anyone or anything apart from themselves.


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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 13:26

Reading a write it can make you
Better than before you did read
Wherever am I going with this ditty?
Dunno Do I have to concede



Mon 23rd Mar 2020 12:48

Move forward, alone, together, social distancing, quarantined, .....this is such a killer itself.....its more painful ...... phew!!!

Never shall I despair, hurt but not dejected.

Thank you Po, my life saving friend, I'm blessed to have you dear. Thanks for your continued support n motivation. I'm highly indebted....what shall be your price😉

Thank you...I read n feel better already.

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 12:42

Hi Binte

Thank you for the 'like'

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Mon 23rd Mar 2020 06:22

There always is DO, above all else HOPE.

You comments here are an insight to what lies within your heart.

Allah has a plan for you... Trust in the power of prayer.

Please re-read my post to you at the end of last year... 31/12/2019

Then read your Bio!

It is more relevant each day now, as we move forwards alone together.


Do thank you for your continued support this past year.

It has seemed at times like you were my very shadow...

When like Peter Pan, I felt at times that even my own shadow had forsaken me me.

There is an old saying I oft quote:
"Until a man can stand truly alone, he will never reach enlightenment"

I am, I am sure, far far from such an attainment.

You have paid me many a compliment over time Ghaz, and I have tried to pay that debt forward to inspire and uplift you in your hour of need.

My payment has been to watch you grow and shine like a beacon to all of those you touch.

May 2020 bring you closer to Allah and you true souls purpose.
Baraka Allahu fika

بارك الله فيك

Po 😉


Mon 23rd Mar 2020 02:24

Is there any hope
Are there any verses
To cut the ugly chords
And let people breathing
What dreams to sow
What Hope's to build upon
Are the chances meager
Evil shall hail and reside the world
Are there no drugs or antidotes
No verses left to open closed locks
Have I to give up on dreams and Hope's
Succumbing to powers not held for good
Is there any way out of this bitter story end
This puzzle shall keep me praying well
Virtual me and the sacred hand
Doing the work of healing art
Soak it up time and again
As I sent ready the virtual reality

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