The violin concerto

The audience seated

Excitement in the air

Orchestra assembled

Music scores on the stand


The conductor appears _ Applause

The solo violinist enters _ Louder applause

Formalities observed

Hand shakes and courteous boughs


Maestro raised baton

Audience hushes

The players glued to baton

Await a signal


Upbeat noted

Orchestra begins playing

striking high notes of joy

and lows of sadness


The different sections

artistically shade

the roller coaster emotions

embellishing the sublime music


The soloist stands

a few feet away

Listening with eyes shut

Patiently waits to contribute


Responds to the cue

In perfect time enters the fray

with a big rounded sound

soaring above the orchestra


Soloist plays entirely from memory

Utilizes every inch of the bow

Makes fast whole bow movements

Displays skills highly honed in


The maestro seamlessly weaves the

the soloist and different section of the orchestra

in and out of passages

faithful to the composers wishes


Dramatically music stops

A pregnant silence pause is observed

Orchestral players rest their instruments

Await in anticipation


Suddenly the soloist blazes away

at the cadenza

full of tuneful octaves

and joyful crescendos


Audience mesmerized

The conductor reunites the orchestra

and the soloist

for a finale fit for fireworks


The maestro closes his right hand

ends the concerto instantly

Pin drop silence

Then audience erupts into rapturous applause


Finally the conductor

shakes hands with the exhausted soloist

And the orchestral leader

Thanks all individual sections leaders

The applause subsides _the elated audience departs

The concert hall falls silent.


◄ Really _ the dead woman was her mother!

I would be nothing without you ►


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