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From Russia with love


Russia is a strange and great country, not quite in Europe

and not quite Eastern, they react to mayhem but seldom

intimate it; for those who are history less they won

The brutal war of 1940 and 1945 by breaking the back

of the German army and making it possible by Britain

and the USA to take the credit.

Norway has up to know had a warm relationship with

this giant, in the form of a barter system, we gave them

fish and they sent us cars for everyman.

It was not the USA that made car ownership possible, but

Russia flooding the market with cheap cars as foreign

cars were hard to come by.

The cars where called Moscowitch and were fundamental

no a heating system and a tortuous suspension, but

for the first time, every man could be

a proud car owner.

For those who remember, it was a dreadful car but

nevertheless, a car.

Lately, to our regret the relationship has suffered, this

Is mainly by American political pressure, and partly

by the Norwegian oil industry that has made her

a wealthy country.

This newfound arrogance is miss-placed and silly

we must treat Russia as the friend she is and not

forget we own her a depth of gratitude.


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M.C. Newberry

Sat 21st Mar 2020 16:03

The Russian people should not be confused for the governments they endure - or even "elect". As for their industries, who would
believe that a country that sent a dog, then a man, into space
couldn't make a match box that didn't empty its content on the floor
if tipped out of the horizontal...(Personal experience!).


Sat 21st Mar 2020 08:55

That was amazing briefing....gratitude and!!
Russian cars...gotta do a bit of research.

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