Oberon of All inside All

A short story told me by someone in heaven that loves me:

Once upon a time there were two men who couldn't decide which was the best. They both sequestered themselves away to create great works of art. After a while they both felt they had created a masterpiece. One man showed him his painting. The other played him his composition. They both loved each others work they realised true beauty could not exceed itself. The End.

We should as lovers rage for sensation in the parts we are numb. Strive to languish in new found luxuries.

A smile that has fallen from the burdens of hell is truly a precious smile. I give that to you.

Tell me you sing in your dreams. If you enjoy melody then your creations are melodic. What is the melody of Einstein's equations?

Sometimes happiness is like a game of hide and don't get sought. A smile that forbids. I love you, a sadness that is happy.

Confidence is a God that leads us.

In Ovids hell Leath's oblivion feels optimistic to me though I can't say why.

I'll become a flower in Ovids hell but love is with me and that love is nameless.

Upon reading Cervantes Don Quixote I felt the same majesty as the old testament. A genius far from mortal minds.

Lust analgesic of the soul sower of torments.

May the grandiosty of music swell my hell and carry me to heaven. A shining star held aloft.

The God you blame has suffered more than you can conceive. If you want to know animosity look me in the eyes and say that you forgive me.

I played in cool limestone sewers of the afterward with children like myself.

Woe to the one who can only get intoxicated on substances outside of himself.

I fell upon the crucifix and desires nailed me to the spectacle.

Kinship: We all share the knowledge that none of us are getting out of here alive. Don't forget for one moment because I can't.

I only want things I can never have. Having never been created they can never be. To clarify I want what can never exist or even not exist. I guess I'm saying I'm in love with the impossible.

The best things are paid for in self.

Sperm clinics: a lottery of incarnation.

I am but a single vocal cord in God's voice looking for the harmony of infinity.

I want to write aphorisms like the crack of a whip on the backside. A pain that tastes.

Rimbaud give me your cruelty as cruelty but allow me to exercise it.

The sorry state of humans is like a tumescent flower whose petals are tinged with phosphorescent agony.

War: sex without limits.

Ignorance is offensive it inspires the wrath of the Gods. Where does it come from?

A hell where every pleasure is denied only suffering for the pleasure of the other is permitted.

I will wreak my revenge upon my abusers that is the true meaning of a circle.

There are no straight lines only infinite curvatures.

I don't remember my flag my alliegence is nameless freedom.

The chaos dances to my song and children relish the verse. I forget why I was optimistic. But not that I was optimistic.

Infinity portrays itself against consent.

Death a footstep too far.

No desires but still I am the object of a desire.

Because I want to crush the hands of the pianist after playing.

It's easy to ascertain a person's weaknesses from the insults they reveal. Only the soil of fear can bear venomous fruit. 


◄ Half finished.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 19th Mar 2020 11:56

Some interesting and some stimulating lines to be found here.
Let us all go forward together
With our guide to lead us - the past...
That will hopefully see us surviving
And ensuring the best of things last.

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Wed 18th Mar 2020 23:09

Brian you are a very naughty boy


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Brian Maryon

Wed 18th Mar 2020 22:39

Here's one for you...

Take a bucket and fill it with water
put your hand in it up to the wrist
pull it out and the hole that remains
is the measure of how much you'll be missed

Unknown author

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