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So home from work another day over

switching on my laptop

First stop, WOL... It looks like a hostile take-over


Every comment on the right

my name is there to see

I spent a while commenting,

‘Poemagraphic’... that is me


I read a lot of other’s poems

some are rather good

so I leave a comment,

Cos. I think I should


If you find I’ve written

underneath your poetry

It's because I’m trying to find a rhyme

that rhymes with poetry


I’m still looking, still in vain.

Can someone help me out

If you think you know one,

please give me a shout


I love reading whilst I’m here,

what other poets write

I wish I could rhyme each line

But try as I might


I often sit for ages

wondering how do I compose

Simple rhyming couplets,

or even what are those?


So if you are one of those,

who are fed up with my comments

I would simply say to you

 it's all down to economics


I can’t afford to buy

a book by proper poets

So Yep! I’m a cheapskate

But at least I know it.



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Wed 18th Mar 2020 17:24

Brillig M.C.

I am on it mate.


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M.C. Newberry

Wed 18th Mar 2020 15:38

Seeking something to work well with the word poetry?
Keep using the noggin in the search and know it be
Within your compass to use both in rhyme
So that what's chosen can make sense and chime. 😊.

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Wed 18th Mar 2020 03:02

You are most generous with your words Po. A true treasure for us all on WOL. Write on my friend.

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