The day we were dreading

has arrived – self isolation

what a drag and for 8 weeks

for the older vulnerable guys

somebody of my category, as

if I was a naughty wild child

- yet did nothing wrong. If I

could write a song about it

I would – though little good

it could do anyone I know.

Some might pray for saving

Grace – others might take it

on the chin – at least as far

as observers might see – but

all of us must worry should a

curse, and worse, if the A word

Armageddon, has finally arrived.

‘We’re all doomed’ a character

in Dad’s Army used to say as if

his party piece would solve the

curse. But Mainwaring the wise

old Captain had some stirring

words to add, rapping his cane

on wood, creating a jut jawed

soothing effect and getting all

the chaps back on track ‘Who

do you think you’re kidding

Mr Nova, when you say our

England’s done, he’d chirp.

Not now Pike – ask me later

and no Godfrey you can’t nip

out for a pee – oh I see you’ve

already wet your pants – better

go and get yourself changed –

Now, what was I just saying..?




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M.C. Newberry

Wed 18th Mar 2020 16:11

Well said! We could do with more positive responses to this unsought incursion into our lives and see the latter as a nuisance to
be shown the door via a firm but controlled hand and necessary
self-discipline. Like those WW2 leaflets that preached messages of
sense and self-preservation in language that managed to avoid
the headless chicken reaction as the bombs rained down.

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Tue 17th Mar 2020 21:53

Coming to a village, town, city near you.

This is going to be great news for poets who normally don't get the time to write.

Every cloud etc.

Hey! Roy Hudd is now amongst the ranks of the great...
Leaving an opening for great writers to fill his boots...

Apply Phil

Great write mate

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Greg Freeman

Tue 17th Mar 2020 10:33

I like this rumination, Phil. You're right, we need the spirit of Dad's Army, somehow.

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