Huw Edwards Watch Out

If I hear that bloody Huw Edwards say Coronavirus one more time I won't be responsible for my actions.

I'll forget all about self-isolating and throw off my bedding

then jump in the car, whizz up to Salford

and kick his smug coiffeured head in


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Brian Maryon

Mon 16th Mar 2020 23:22

Thank you Greg, Po, MC and Branwell.

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Sun 15th Mar 2020 21:22

..."Nothing lasts forever! 😐..."

Except perhaps mans stupidity's

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 15th Mar 2020 21:16

What is it with today's movers and shakers who presume to tell us what we risk at every turn of Mother Nature's roulette wheel?
Heaven knows what they would have been saying and doing for
the human spirit when the world faced and fought both tyranny and Spanish flu! Let us keep a rational attitude to both risk and results
and use basic common sense and behaviour as our guides towards
seeing off this health issue. Nothing lasts forever! 😐

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Greg Freeman

Sun 15th Mar 2020 18:37

Best not to watch so much news, then, Brian. It's not as if the powers-that-be are making it clear what they want us to do. 'Getting coronavirus done'? Not the sort of thing that responds to slogans or soundbites ...

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Sun 15th Mar 2020 10:41

I hope you would put some clothes on first Brian... and a BIG pair of steel toe-capped hob-nailed jobbies mate.

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