i'm sad, but pathetic so i'm writing about it

here i sit, again

venting with keys that 

no one

no one

not a soul

will ever read, 

creating universes

that will idly hum for eternity

without exisitng ever

it's really pathetic

that i can't take pain

without turning into poetry

i can't even do it well

but god


i miss you so much,

and it hurts


than anything

the worst part is that i go to you in times like this

i write poems and send them to you 

and your arms are always locked in my cupboard

no matter what, i'll open up and there they are

i must have forgot to put in the code

and you snuck out

so now, 

here i am 

writing on some site

instead of to you

but it's not the same

your arms aren't waiting for me anymore. 



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Rachel (pen name) Ophelia

Mon 23rd Mar 2020 16:48

Poetry really helps with pain - cathartic....

creating universes

that will idly hum for eternity

Love those lines......

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