My Dreams


The World to me
has been so ugly
 I still wonder
 How I can still think
 of it as Lovely
I've painted a picture of this perfect life
with absolutely
no strife
Visions in my head
Of Horizons
But somehow
 In my life
Theres always
Splashing threw the puddles
Going threw life's struggles
Day by Day
Hour by Hour
Wishing I had the Power
The Power to change
My minds ways
Get it
To stop
Playing all it Games
Organize all my thoughts
Whatever the costs
Lying in bed
Thinking how my
story goes on
Wondering where
I went wrong
I will never forget the moment
I met my oponent
I will be forever fighting him
But no matter What
I will Always Win
I Love the night time
Because I get to Dream
And thats When
I have the most Selfesteem
Thats when I feel like 
I Can run
All the Red lights
It's like something inside me ignites
There is When I see 
The White lights
 In the darkness
It's like my eyes
Awaken with this sharpness
In My Dreams
Everything is Harmless
If I could Deam Forever
I Swear
Everything would
Just be So much Better
Nobody Else needs to know
Where my Dreams go
In my Dreams
Is where I want to stay
I can't find
Any other way
Any other way
To be Free
And that is what
Brings me the most Glee
In my dreams
I would freeze time
And stop all the crime
And for one night
 Let the stars
decide Where I belong
Somehow make me feel strong
Maybe Heaven right now
Is'nt that far away
As I close my eyes
This is what I pray
In my Dreams
my sparkles Dont Fade
And I never have to
Feel Afraid
When I'm not in my Dreams
I loose my mind
Left feeling undefined
When the night has become the day
I feel like I've been sent far away
So Far away
When everything starts to fade
I try to remind myself
That I dont have to be afraid
When the gravity pulls me down
I try not to put on a frown
I Try to remeber my dreams
My dreams Are full of Love
Thats Where  reload
When I feel out of place
I try and think of
All my good traits
At the end of the day
All the hours run
On replay
Eyes closed
another day
Back to my dreamworld
Where I'm at most peace
And my racing thoughts
Start to decrease
Alone in my dreams
Is where I want to be


My Dreams

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