These Years

These Years
These will be the years
Where I wipe all my Tears
Say Goodbye to yesterday
And start living my Better days
No more I cant do it
This is the year where I will get fit
No more, "I Quit"!
I remove the devils hands off my life
These are the years
My eyes
are set on the kingdom
Now I am full of wisdom
No longer a victim
but a Saint
No more room for complaints
feeling faint
Does'nt exsist anymore
That was the old me
That was before
Kingdom things Is
What I will explore
These years Im bringing
my vision into exsistance
I'm willing to walk
any distance
These Years
I will reach all goals
And help Jesus win Souls
Not a dead weed
But a beautiful Rose
These coming years
I will be a leader
And The strongest defeater
I will walk this earth
Like I've been rebirthed
A new creature in Christ
These Years I'm going for
All things in the Light
Nothing from below
Jesus I will Show
That I will only Grow
Grow for his names sake
These Years
I will finally be awake
Not making any mistakes
All for his Glory
My life will finally have
A good story
These Years
Life will be Great
Because this is exactly
What I'm going to create
This is my fate
Sure the devil is going to hate
But I'm only looking
One way
Straight to Jesus
Because He is there
to lead us
These Years my life
is going to be Amazing
And I'm already here
Life is going to be Glorious
I can hear Jesus saying
You are victorious!
I'm looking forward
To these years


These Years

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