Your Love

Your Love
 Nobody loves me better
Your Love is like A warm Sweater
I've been waitng for your Love forever
It's been so Long
But When I finally found you
I felt your Love so strong
It sang to me like a beautiful Love Song
When I heard your Love song
I did'nt know what to do
All I knew that
The Love was true
Your Love was something
I needed to pursue
Knowing I could never let it go
Feelings of an overflow
You filled my Heart with a kiss
I did'nt Know a love
like this
Could exist
Not use to these feelings
I still knew I could'nt resist
Now I'm flying threw the stars
I Know this Love will last forever
This is my biggest treasure
Your Love is so special
It makes me feel a special Kind of way
I'm so Happy your Love is here to stay
Your Love is like a rainbow over my darkest day
It causes my body to sway
This Perfect Love is
Something I could never Betray
A Love So Pure
Is the one cure
The cure
To all my scars
More Perfect than any Love Cards
Nobody Loves me better than you
Yes thats True
You put your arms around me
and gaze into my eyes
And right then
In my soul
Your Love starts to rise
Your Love can not be measured
And Can only be described
As a True Treasure
Your Love makes me Happy
And Makes me feel
A certain Kind of way
A way I can't put into words
Your Love is so strong
it burns
And It is something
I can always Discern
Your Love will never
walk away from me
It allows me
To feel Free
Thank you for covering me
In your Love
With you
I will
Never Feel
Un Loved


Your Love

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