That So Called Life

That so Called Life
It was great at the start
Thinking I was so smart
Living life for me
Just wanting to be free
day to day
Living my life on display
Not caring who I pushed away
Life My way
were my thoughts
Not even thinking
What it might costs
Wondering why
i kept coming back for more
Got mad
slamming doors
Chasing something
Just to feel
Kept partying
The late night
Chasing Love
In All
The Wrong places
Tired of All the fake faces
Stumbling off to many stages
night after night
mascara running down my face
pacing back and forth
Trying to feel the warmth
Of somebody
Who was that somebody
Who are these people?

I'm to messed up

Sharing dirty needles

Out searching for more
I can't take this
life anymore
This addiction
Has me fighting a war
Can't go home
Till I get more
Stopping at every
Corner store
Into the late Hours
WHo know's
When I took my last Shower
THis life's for the Low
I'm not gonna grow
I'm so far below
I'm down to my last dollar
Next I'll become a robber
I can't say I have one true friend
This life
I can't comprehend
How did I become so bad
My life is litteraly so sad
I'm slowly sinking
In quicksand
Can my life turn around
Is it possible
Is it allowed
I'm burried so deep
All I wish to do
Is fall asleep
And Sleep sleep sleep


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