His Forgiveness

His Forgiveness
Im undeserved of your forgiveness
But yet you do it with a quickness
How can I Repay you
I would think
My sin would
Push You away
In all my Sin
Your Proud
To Forgive me
I don't see
What you see in me
To constantly chase me
I sin
Then I knock
And your quick to answer
Your the Perfect Romancer
Your Forgiveness
Is like
A spark or A flame
Its Always the same
You never blame or Shame me
I dont know what
 you see in me
How can One
So much
You just give one small
And the sin
is wept clean
Never to be seen
I'm now
As white as snow
ready to grow
Your loving forgiveness
causes a fresh presence
Nothing can
compare to you
 my King
I will forever cling
to you
is a Gift
That you built
You are the way
 the Truth
 the Light
That continues to shed
With Big Might
Jesus You are so Merciful
Your Forgiveness
Is somewhat
You repair me
On A Daily basis
For You My Lord
Are So Gracious
You have never failed me yet
Accepting you as my King
I will never regret
When You forgive me
You make me Feel
Like I can Move Mountains
And Dance freely
In the watery Fountains
I raise a Hallelujah
Every time You forgive me
No matter what
You see the best in me
You'll find me
In the middle of my storm
And make me
All new
And Transformed
I won't stop shouting
Of your Goodness
Because Your forgiveness
All My sadness
The devil can wisper in my ears
and fill me
with the biggest fears
Telling me
I messed up
to big this time
But there You are
To comfort me
RIght on time
Sometimes when I'm in over my head
And all I really want to do instead
Is lay at your feet
And cry out
And delete
All my sin
And come back to where we started
And feel you whole harted
Your forgiveness
Is what makes me
Feel Whole
It awakens my soul
Your peace
Brings me back to peace
Your forgiveness
silences all my fears
and stops
All my tears
You ride out
Any darkness
No matter what
Nobody can
Deny your name
It's the name
All names
Because You forgive Everyone
I will Forgive everyone
I will take that
As something
I won
Thank you
For your forgiveness


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