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My mind sitting passively in a pensive mood state

feeling receptive, thoughts to relate.


Calling to a sphere outside of my vision

no fear in the least the slightest derision


When soon into focus comes ethereal plains

where the muse can transfuse some spiritual gains


Wondering if that wondrous thought of inference

is a figment of my mind or a separate occurrence


Wishing not to impede or inhibit the transmission

the meditative state aids well with submission


Turing full circle once coiled like a serpent

The Kundalini’ awakened, rises exultant.


Striking like a Cobra with euphoric venom

revealing the Ancients mysterious arcanum.



A rewrite from May 1999

Kundalinimeditation on a themePo

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Wed 18th Mar 2020 03:13

This poem makes me want to know more about the ancient art and your practice. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing! 🙏


Mon 16th Mar 2020 11:41

Raj yoga....my next holiday work ....hehehe

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Sun 15th Mar 2020 09:56

Hi Ilo I am so pleased you enjoyed this

This is about that Magical Whisper 😉


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Thu 12th Mar 2020 20:45

Knowledge is everything Do.

I have studied Raja Yoga and the chakra system is integral to the knowledge and power of our etheric template etc.

We in the west are so far behind our Eastern and Asian friends in this respect. It is not something we are taught here in the UK.

Books are a great source of information, I would recommend 'Raja Yoga' by Ramachakra, and 'Advanced course in Yoga Philosophy' by the same author.



Thu 12th Mar 2020 16:16

The pic reminds of chakras. 7 of them, starting from head and going till 'there' ......its a poem that has Indian yogic smell n taste. Seems you have studied the art of living ..... we should know different things as well....it sure enhances our knowledge.

A good read piece!! (Claps!!)💕

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 15:08

Interesting comment Marsha.

Your Bio says it all.

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 15:04

You write with a shallowness that only those who have learned what they know from a book can ever manage.

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 14:34

Hi G
The Amazon Prime generation indeed.

God has nothing to do with religion... Or Life After Death, except of course most ‘followers’ agree there is a God and sadly their God is the only true God.

Graham the simple fact is this “ There is NO tangible evidence for any 1 GOD.
Plenty of people have found massive comfort and solace in their belief.
Plenty, however, died in the name of God and this will always be the case I fear.

Whilst growing up in the Western world our god is ‘money’ we all believed it would bring us happiness and contentment... New house, new car, new job, new partner, holidays abroad, etc. etc.

For some, it did and still does. That is the way the system works we are hood-winked by orthodoxy.

If the Catholic church gave away it’s heinous fortune’s the World would be an entirely different place (if it was shared out to those in need there would be no those in need... for a while!).

I came to religion via the desire to understand, if,or how healing works. After becoming a Black Belt I became interested more in healing than hurting. The only way to learn about spiritual healing was to join the church. So that is what I did. Not for any religious reason in the strictest sense of the word.

What evolved from there is history as they say.

I like you looked at several different religions and compared much of what they had to say. It was what they did... or did not do! That is what opened my eyes.

I have come to the conclusion that only when there are as many religions in the world as there are people, will we truly have Peace on Earth.


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Graham Sherwood

Thu 12th Mar 2020 13:37

Master Po! I agree with some of your observations in particular the current vogue for quick fixes and a general inability to wait for something worth waiting for. Ah! The Amazon Prime generation.

I have studied lots of, what we call loosely these days 'religions' with no formal desire for qualifications/authentication so cannot draw on anything tangible.

what I can attest to is that in my youth/middle age I would have been termed 'materialistic' to a certain degree. Now I am completely the opposite. Contentment is the key! whatever faith you have or follow. Enjoyed the read though!


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Thu 12th Mar 2020 13:09

Hi Keith

Thank you for reading my poem, it is, as I’m certain you understand not really for mainstream readership, as with such a diverse topic only perhaps the initiates would fully appreciate or understand it.

It is an experiential thing after all.

Sadly the Western world is mostly about making money out of religion or mystic practices hence the plethora of books in the ‘new age’ section in most book shops, and courses that seem to pop up increasingly almost daily, claiming to teach you the road to enlightenment! (In a day ;)

It irks me that we are so gullible. Always looking for an easy fix and ready to part with our hard-earned cash to achieve it.

You can get a certificate in almost anything these days...
There really is no substitute for experience Keith.

I have over half a century of study and practice behind me and still have much to learn and understand.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragements.

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 12:52

Hi John
Well, let us begin at the end... Yes, I did mean ‘muse’. thank you for kindly pointing this out.

The most common mistake most people make is assuming that meditation is sitting with ‘an empty’ mind. In a state of nothingness’ if you will.

This leads us to the belief that we can’t meditate. Because we can’t stop the chatter within our mind however hard we try.

In the early days rather than trying to stop thinking, it is helpful to give the mind something to do.
The mind finds it almost impossible to do ‘nothing’.

There are many different forms/themes of meditation, some are visual, some audible, some silent.
Some are all of the above, some none of the above.

My poem is about a very particular form of meditation that requires a teacher, a guru, an exponent, to learn it from. The form is called Kundalini.
It is the only form of meditation that is still esoteric and occult... (Meaning it is not written down) many books purport to explain how to awaken this serpent which is coiled at the base of the spine. I have never seen any yet that do.

The method is still not exoteric knowledge for a very good reason which I will not go into here. Suffice to say I have made a lifetime study of meditation and its effects., some of which can be detrimental.

If you would like me to advise you on a good meditation technique to experience, please just drop me a pm. and I will be pleased to explain in more depth.


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john short

Thu 12th Mar 2020 12:01

Concerning meditation, I'm not very good at it and my sporadic efforts in the past have amounted to nothing. I have a book called How to Meditate and guess I'll read it one day. I understand the aim is to empty the mind of thoughts and achieve a state of one-pointed awareness (inhibitionary gnosis) as opposed to the exitatory gnosis which is achieving the same result by working up a frenzy. Not sure exactly what's going on in this poem but it doesn't seem to be meditation as I know it. Meditation on a theme? Contemplation? BTW Sorry to be pedantic but don't you mean 'muse'?

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keith jeffries

Thu 12th Mar 2020 11:11


This the first poem on this site that has touched upon the subject of contemplation as opposed to meditation. Few know the difference. Very well composed with good rhyming. There is much here for people to think about.

Thank you for this.

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