slow burning

Slow-burning fuse


 A sad day first heavy rain going into mist

it is not an outdoor day, but I had to pay some bills

which was not spiritually uplifting.

This is a Wagner day, never cared for his music

one has to lean to the far right to appreciate

this sort of substantially handed music,

I’m waiting to go home it has been delayed again

now it will sometimes be next week.

Portugal is famous for being a friendly country

but there is an underly of hatred that manifest

itself when we read so many women get killed

by their husbands every year.

Resentment is a rumbling volcano that explodes

and lava flows down burning houses and

the woman who got in the way.


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jennifer Malden

Thu 12th Mar 2020 10:47

Liked 'Wagner day'. Prefer Mozart days - playful and varying weather, sun, showers, breezes etc. Being ignorant musicwise, that's how i hear it! So many women are killed every year here in Italy too. It's not so much they get in the way, but they are regarded as a belonging, an accessory, not as a person with a right to change her mind. Being left is also loss of face, so down with whatever weapon is to hand.


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