Down with the sickness

I'm stockpiling the hand sanitizer
To be none the wiser
to build up hopeful Coronavirus resistance
Hoping to be blessed with  ongoing lousy existence

Like the police said 
"Dont stand so close to me"
As we breathe in this overfed media tripe
I guess chuck d was correct
Don't believe the hype
As if you Repeat a lie long enough
And said lie comes truth
 it scares the whole nation
It's all very foolproof

As we panic buy
missing the big issue
Like why are we fighting among ourselves
Over that last toilet tissue?
But if you poor souls are looking for some still
But there's  none to be had
Nothing says I'm clean now
Than wiping with a brillopad

News just in:
Don't go on holiday
Don't have a beard! 
Kiss on the lips!
Or shake a hand..
Your fear is important to us
While we feel just grand

But in hindsight
nothing spreads faster
Than media paranoia
And internet lies
Some people get influenza every year
And drop like flies

Just clean your hands
10 seconds a day
And scrub away
Scrub away
Scrub away
That Coronavirus away

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Thu 12th Mar 2020 09:30

Oh! The hype, the news, the radio the television, the papers...
The ‘Expert’ Mr & Mrs average with their 2.4 kids who are suffering from indoctrination 24/7.

The Climate, The Financial Crash, The VIRUS... Run for the hills... Don’t forget your phones peeps how will you ever know what is going on if you don’t check what the world and his wife (and kids) are doing every 9.4 seconds on anti-social media platforms.

Next stop... ‘Pandemic Station’.

Great write Keiron. Well captured.

Stop the gravy train I want to get off!

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 11th Mar 2020 15:54 eyes are watering: at the thought of that brillopad !
The message here is spot on in its derision towards the media
overkill (oops) about this virus. Not least in its mention of flu and its
fatalities each year that somehow escape the "totting up" procedures
spouted by the media. Let us all retain common sense and employ
some preventative measures that basic hygiene says should be
a habit in daily life.

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