i Sense the sound of

Marching feet, crunching

along my gravel path – I hear

a sergeant’s barked command,

‘this house is next put on your

masks, get out the sprayer do

your tasks and see off all

those lurking, jerking, bugs’

For now another sufferer ails

our NHS have started gaols for

those who break the coughing

codes – they charge the woman

and the man for croaking into

germy hands – street cameras

– caught them puking phlegm

a multi cough, with stratagem –

gets all householders in a tizz.

And in the morgues, the corpses

stack and Armageddon’s coming

back for those who leave a crack

unchecked – and all the news-

papers regale spreading mayhem

on their page and advertisers say

buy masks, in case pervasion enters

slots. The population’s buggered off

some even bought Kalashnikovs

just in case the masks don’t help

and even puppies start to yelp

becoming tired of all that shit.

That’s when I jumped awake

from sleep – my dream was

better than Bo-Peep’s, but as for

gnawing late night snacks, the

Gorgonzola’s just been sacked.




jennifer Malden

Fri 13th Mar 2020 16:54

What with vindaloo and gorgonzola you are in odour of food! We are in quarantine here in Italy, so let's hope things get better, they couldn't be much worse!

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Don Matthews

Wed 11th Mar 2020 12:59

Jeez Phil you had me worried there....


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