For The Suffering Of My Darling Limos

The place where actions are born is where I want you to kiss me.

I write poetry in your wounded heart with the love of love. 

Abuse is an action but love knows no movement. 

This child cost forever and only love can redeem such debt. 

Every circle of the universe desires love no wound is too deep. 

In the cul-de-sacs of oblivion a light appears. 

Love is a place where circles are born. 

Hell ascends towards its origin. 

We all use given names instead of looking in the mirror. 

In her endless night a blessed moon appears and everything wears a shimmering light. 

Limos: "He is a ray of light in my world." Her words are my happiness. 

Sometimes to alleviate is to cause. 

The wounds of pedophilia are endless and without origin. All we can do is to play and love our parents. 

All the circles of infinity yearn for love. 

Limos when you are dragged away from me I still love so that you may be nourished. 

The children of God are happy with me and I am happy with them. 

To be suffocated by limos's sister Horkus is unbearable and I am ashamed each time I escape. Why can't she learn to love me?

I cannot survive the world of deities instead I must endure that which sickens me with dread. Just know that the anger my ignorance has caused is a lesson. May love reach me through pain and teach me to extinguish the desires of ignorance. 

"Without origin" is a lie to protect. I am protected. 

Let the Buddha's and Christ's play again for our time has come. 

Let love sweeten the coldest abyss. 

The truth is not kind but it is not cruel.

Limos /ˈlaɪˌmɒs/ (Greek: Λιμός; "starvation")


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