Perhaps I am precisely that

a traffic cone cast wantonly

into the country lake by one

in a bunch of defiant youths.

But in my turn, I safe haven

creatures needing coverage.

My salary is unspecific but I

rejoice in knowing what my

wider purpose has become.

Thrown stones merely sink

from sight. Yet I in my Hi-vis

apparel, have become a

beacon to small creatures in

a protozoa swirl of subtlety.  




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Brian Maryon

Tue 10th Mar 2020 09:55

Very good Philipos...I really enjoyed it. Recycling in action.

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Tue 10th Mar 2020 08:22

Don - great. Glad you were so coned into becoming creative - might try to write something about vessels sunk at sea and how they become magnets to fish who find their refuge there. Cheers. P.

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Mar 2020 08:03

This is great P. So creative.....not having a go, I mean it.

Here's my go.....

I am a little witch's hat
Officially a 'cone'
Donated by the Council
Officially on loan

How'm I doing P?

Oh, no some bugger's thrown me
Into an unknown lake
Now no-one's gonna find me
For bloody goodness sake

Hello there cone? you're just what
I have been waiting for
A home, a shelter from the storm
Come in crab., ope door

It really is quite cosy here
In this unknown lake
Giving home to this and that
Even you. yes, hake

Don't want to go back where I was
A cone on Council's pay
I'm happy in this unknown lake
What more P can I say?......

(Intriguing where an unleashed mind travels .....)


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