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William Davoll

Updated: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 10:01 pm

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I got into writing poetry and songs during the early eighties, when we moved to Suffolk and the only things I had access to was my Walkman, a Casio VL-tone and a notebook & pencil. As I grew up I put my dreams of being a pop star to bed, and began travelling (mainly Eastern Europe) people watching as I went; for my own personal amusement I wrote everything down. In 2010 I got introduced to the flash fiction community, which awoke the writer and poet in me again. I recently released a themed anthology of my poetry called "Five Daughters of spite" on Kindle (through Eleventh Stream Media). My work tends toward the darker side and sometimes may contain profanity, but never gratuitous.


I wrote this about the pressures of being a parent, and living up to the innocent expectations of super hero status that all kids hold their parent in. The truth is we make mistakes just like they do, and that can raise our own uncertainty. FALSE IDOL ~~~~~~~~~~ She raises me on pedestals like a pharaoh, or a king. Nothing ever touches me; I’m her hero, my praise she’ll sing. She thinks I stride my chosen path to sweep all fears away, and will not ever suffer strife; I’ll scare her demons away. In truth I’m just a man, a fraud, no god like powers. I work hard to remain her idol, by putting in the hours. Fair faith such as hers makes the cynic in me glad, her surging spirit carries me, and makes me proud that I’m her Dad.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 29th Jan 2013 12:34

Hi William - a very warm welcome to WOL. Hope you enjoy the site.

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