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Updated: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 04:46 pm

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Hi, new to this writing lark. feel free to offer pointers, hope you like my stuff, its not in any particular style, its just the stuff in my head in the written word.Im married and I live in Bolton.


Now I hear the gushing wind. Neither hammering nor prying. But gruff, rhythmic and reasuring. In a wind so fresh off the sea you can faintly smell the salt. Hills so high they touch the sky. The tops obscured by mist. Roads enter and leave, serpintine they wend their way Hills folded into hills. The sky, a well stocked armoury casts down bright spears. The sky smells seared. And concussions rock the night.

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Jeff Dawson

Tue 11th Aug 2009 22:20

Mmmm will it really, yes no problem Vicky, was a pleasure to write about you as you know! XX

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Gus Jonsson

Sun 24th May 2009 11:18

Wow Vix Start takin the oysters now... what ya fit enough for this...

me tremblin already...
gus x

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Gus Jonsson

Thu 21st May 2009 23:03

Thank you once again Vixi...sorry about the little ugh creature... still made a point... now about the whispered audio for you private collection... can acually put a compilation together... which should keep you curled up in bed for a week.
Love ya to bits
Gus x

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 7th May 2009 22:44

Ha, thanx Vix, its the ubiquitous jargon I use, you're not meant to understand it easily! The info is there you just need to work it out! By the way the last few jokes you have sent have been dreadful!! Ha XXX

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Gus Jonsson

Thu 7th May 2009 22:18

sting a bit wouldn't they all those sharp pointy bits... still if it's not hurting...

Thanks again Vixi xx

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Gus Jonsson

Mon 13th Apr 2009 15:51

not knocking that at all vix...we should get to get together for a uni session...whatya say

Gus x

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Jeff Dawson

Wed 1st Apr 2009 20:31

Thanx babe, are you making an appearance on the 16 May ? Let me know if you want an open mic (or leg - if you do that game poem!) slot!! See ya soon XXX

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Darren Whitehead

Mon 17th Nov 2008 01:38

Hello, Vicky.

I love the imagery of the sky casting bright spears and I must disagree with Andy N. I liked the last 2 lines and particularly loved the imagery of "And concussions rock the night".

The only line I wasn't keen on was "Hills so high they touch the sky". It felt cheap, somehow. Perhaps, you could work on this line and substitute another, although, believe me ... I'm no expert.

The problem is .... there is no right and wrong. It's all down to personal taste. If it was up to Andy N and me, you would have dumped the last 2 lines and the "Hills so high they touch the sky" line. You'd be left with bugger all eventually if you listened to everyone.

The only advice I can really give, is run with what feels right for you. Revisit the work after a few days and try to "feel" it. There may be parts that don't sit well ..... think about these and maybe, re write these. Revisit after a few days and repeat until it feels good for you. Then ..... Ignore what I or anyone else says!

You must get yourself and Stuart down to the Gypsy's Tent in Bolton on one of the Write Out Loud nights.

Good luck with the writing malarky.


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Andy N

Sun 9th Nov 2008 15:39

Like your poems on here, Vixi.. I must admit speaking from a personal perspective I would have probably removed the last two lines on your untitled poem about gushing wind as I don't think it is needed and would probably work better without them... I think you have a nice style there on the whole with them thou! Keep it going!

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