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Victoria Allman

Updated: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 06:32 pm

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My name is Victoria, I'm 20 years old and from Oldham. I first started writing when I was 15 and my poetry then was mostly about getting things out in the open, whether it would be some problems at school or things just going on at home, I found writing my feelings down on paper in poetry form a way of helping and it made me feel better. Now my poetry is about a whole range of things, such as love, pain, past, friends and dreams.


Vague Now There’s a world, newborn… Out there to discover To grasp upon The path I must follow Is mysterious Yet displaced Far from distinguished The threatening earth convey destruction To my resentful soul But I will endeavour Glee and delight So I may breathe again The thunder draws near But I will scurry away From the dying sound of my heart And the grave calls of my pain The rain cascades upon me Flowing through mellow streams I dart through the sodden curtains Diminishing the trees The clouds stumble upon a sky of differing light Shadows of red, orange and yellow Turn to a fusion, clasping the stars Carrying the rainfall away Now that you have departed I lay forlorn In my own world My own mystery For the present Not for my future.. The Taste of Evil I know you're there I know your sinful, wicked ways But when I see your well formed frame I have to look away Why are you sat there torturing me Looking into my eyes, with a vicious little snigger I can see it in the distance If only it were bigger I try to walk to a further place But theres no way I can leave I edge a little closer And give a sigh of relief I am almost in front of you now You look better than I've ever seen you before I've got butterflies in my stomach And a pain down below This is getting serious now It really isn't funny I really want to have you But I haven't any money Oh I really cannot stand it Together we'd be so good Even though you are not a bloke You are a chocolate pud! Winter Winter, a bleak season A swarm of birds drawn to a warmer climate glide above the frost bitten clouds The wind pulls the last few leaves from the trees leaving them bear To suffer the cold Winters air Afraid Your face is engraved for fear creeps upon you and takes away your smile you don't know what to say or do or where you should hide but the thing is you don't need to hide you are who you are you are unique you stand out from the rest how anyone can judge you i don't know you are special and not afraid anymore because you are one of us and i'm proud to call you my friend

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Andy N

Sun 21st Dec 2008 17:23

I do love Vague, but you know I would say that anyhow! Good to see you on here also!

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