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Ursula O'Reilly

Updated: Sun, 29 May 2022 11:56 pm

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Writer of poetry and fiction, living in Ireland. My other interest is art/painting. Enjoying my creative journey. Profile photo - . Oil Painting by Ursula O'Reilly


You wear a mask, so do I. I have possessed many masks. Each one chosen with forethought, Not a soul would see my face. My masks were all spectacular. Some assumed the mask was me. While it remained out of sight, Forgot what my face looked like. Till I wearied of the façade, And every mask I ever wore, Lay hurled and broken in Discarded pieces on the floor. I no longer wear a mask, Except perhaps once in a while. For every person wears a mask, You wear yours and I wear mine.  


I witnessed a pixie once. Trapped inside a glass bottle, On a shelf in a friend’s room. Watched as the tiny creature Crept to the back of the vessel, Eyes gleaming with fear. What is that? I asked my friend. Her gaze rested on the sprite. Vivid fragile wings shielded Most of the tiny being. Some sort of bug? I enquired. Or maybe a butterfly? Not a butterfly, she said. Unrelated entirely. I found it in the garden, Scooped it up, and trapped it In the bottle. Look closely. I have captured a pixie! I looked again at the bottle. An exquisite imp, with arms, Legs, feet in tiny shoes. Silken skin, green as a leaf. Arrayed in a gown of gold, Multicoloured wings aglow. What will you do? I asked. I will sell her, said my friend. I will become famous, rich. Woman who captured a fairy. She clapped her hands gaily. Suddenly I didn’t like her. Tea? She asked. Or alcohol? We should celebrate! I chose Tea, and she exited the room. I stared into the bottle. The creature regarded me, Eyes dejected and forlorn. I picked up the bizarre object, Softly opened the window. Gently shook the fairy out, Onto the warm windowsill. Into the balmy summer’s eve, And off she gratefully flew! I don’t have any friends now. Apart from elves and pixies.


Evening, quiet as a cat, Creeps in search of a warm bed. Darkness seeps like smoke Into crevasses, into corners. Into houses and neat back yards. Between trees in the forest Spreading its thick blanket, Lulling life to sleep. Stillness falls. Wild creatures retreat to lairs. Birds settle their feathers for sleep. Nocturnal creatures, alert, sharp-eyed, Hunt for prey. The day departs like a snake, Slithering silver, Leaves nightfall in its wake. The world shifts. Night awakens.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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kJ Walker

Sat 14th May 2022 11:09

Thank you for your kind comment on my profile poem.
To be honest it's been there so long that I almost forgot writing it.

Cheers Kevin

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Sun 24th Apr 2022 12:44

Thankyou, Ursula. It's always so nice when you take the time to read/like/comment on what I've written. Your writing is fab!😀

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Ursula O'Reilly

Mon 21st Feb 2022 17:45

Thank you for the lovely comment, Michelle. Welcome to the site, I'm sure you will find your way around it in no time. Delighted you enjoyed my poem. I hope to read some of yours soon too. Best wishes. 💐

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Michelle Cote

Mon 21st Feb 2022 15:24

I just found your blog! I really loved the first poem I read! It was Nightfall... very nicely done and a wonderful read! I am new here and am not sure hoe to find a bloggers individual poems to l "like" or comment on but I look forward to reading many more of yours!! Michelle

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Sun 23rd Jan 2022 18:06

A nice lilting style and a rhythm makes this a joy. It rather reminds me of that film "The Others" with Nicole Kidman who is actually a ghost but doesn't know it!



Thu 2nd Dec 2021 23:36

what do you mean "I Guess"?
do you not agree?

by the way with a name like O' Reilly,
are you Jewish?



Thu 2nd Dec 2021 23:34

That was the little trick.
Just a poetic device.
I am full of devices...
along with other stuff.


Thu 2nd Dec 2021 23:32

I am male.
The poem is also.
We were born that way.

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