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Tony Hilton

Updated: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 06:22 pm

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A local lad but I'm not that bad With plenty of imagination I like things to rhyme, most of the time Just like on this occasion (I know - cheesy!!!). Just started writing but a big fan of the arts - play guitar, piano, enjoy drawing and speak a bit of German and French. Never performed in public but you never know.....


LIFE GOES ON… I don’t want to get old I don’t want to die I don’t want this life to end I want to go on I want to remain I want to see what’s just round the bend There must be a cure There must be a way There must be something that keeps me alive Do you know what it is? Do you know what exists? That truly will help me survive If you do, tell me how If you do, tell me now I need to know before it’s too late But you won’t give me hope You won’t help me cope So inevitable is my fate Am I going insane? Has this all been in vain? No escaping the final conclusion So I’m here, then I’m gone What on earth have I done? In my life, there’s just too much confusion But the truth is clear I have nothing to fear We are dying the moment we’re born The logic’s perverse But in life there’s no ‘reverse’ You move on to a brand new dawn Don’t get me wrong, there’s no rush It’s not a race, I won’t push I’ll slip away when the time is right I won’t place a bet I’m not ready yet The future’s looking quite bright! But you know deep down That we all wear a frown And sometimes it makes us cry To think we put up resistance To prolong our existence We live life. Then we die. Goodbye! [PS. Hang on……use your imagination Just think…..reincarnation! You can come back in a different guise What would I choose? Got nothing to lose Another roll of the dice But – hold it right there This simply isn’t fair The whole thing will happen once more I’ll get to the stage At a particular age Where I’d want to live forever I’m sure It just isn’t cricket Life’s a one way ticket There’s no return journey at all But it’s been a hell of a ride To the other side So I’ll be off now, see you around, give me a call!]

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Mike Hilton

Tue 13th Mar 2012 14:50


Yeh but he kept his hand on his ha'penny

Cheers ode!

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Mike Hilton

Thu 23rd Feb 2012 13:44

Danker Herr Tony!

I'm in the process of WW2 stuff what my Dad told us about, as a follow up( not a follow through?) That's another poetic idea!

So I hope you don't steal my thunder and piss on my idea!

Herr today and Him tomorrow!


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Mike Hilton

Thu 9th Feb 2012 11:15

Welcome tony WOL! I'm glad you like cheese cos I know you are a bit crackers!

Nice poem on your profile


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Ann Foxglove

Thu 9th Feb 2012 06:40

Hi Tony - welcome to WOL! (Nothing wrong with a bit of cheese!) Hope to see more of your stuff on here soon. :)

<Deleted User> (10013)

Thu 9th Feb 2012 00:15

Hey there! Welcome to WOL! I'm only a recent member, but the community is nice enough, you'll probably enjoy it here!

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