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Tim James Roberts

Updated: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 05:39 pm

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i write poetry an make tunes , ive had a few tunes played on bbc radio , do open mic gigs! lookin to get out an about abit more on the open mic scene! :)


If it aint locked or bolted down its fucking gone in bangor aye roids are the rage , babys the craze turn around walk away say goodbye gossip fly’s by , the chavs are sly they give the students a hard time a good fucking hidin , where you from welcome to bangor aye ! lego block halls an blockbusters boy racer cars with fucking crap mufflers 60mph in a 30 the tramps are fucking dirty theres No youthclubs on my estate kids walkin round late drinkin cans from there crates sit on the 50ps an hang out with your mates shout abuse at people that walk past an get into a debate necked a 3ltr bottle of cider an get into a right fucking state welcome to bangor mate The council never turn up at your house on time the police are to heavy handed on the front line the octagons an overcharged cattlemarket that tries to cater from the students loans if you ask me you better off at home its a fucking dive of a place an the prices are a disgrace but its not to expensive there mid week but then if you do that youl wake up for your lectures late in a state an cunt yourself for goin to the shithole in the first place The neighbours are either nosy or noisy you walk down the street your very likely to meet some weird an wonderfull people the church has got a steeple i think , i dunno whenever im near there its usually when i go to Yates for a drink an then think ohhh fuckinhell here we go thers always one mush that likes to kick off an make a show the birds go for fellas that act like pricks go out an about see how many slags they can get to sit on there dicks its a very controversial place thats full of drama your never bored in Bangor so its fucking brammer. take a walk down my street ive got a few people i want you to meet got the single mother across the road , the immigrants who always need to be told to keep an eye on their kids an not to mention the itialian stallion that likes to flip his lid over a parkin space this council estates great mate Blockbusters down the road , the bird that likes to shout an scream everytime she gets out the taxi from a nite out in the bingo , how shes ever managed to have kids ill never know you wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot barge pole , they call her carrierbags shes always got bags from tesco an what goes on behind her front door you really wouldn’t wana no so don’t even go ther shes well rare the nosey parker with camera’s on her house , were are they pointin? should that be aloud? possessions better than anything you have always on the blag with illnesse’s that don’t even exist what u mean thers sumit wrong with the valves in your legs its all in your head are you taking the fucking piss how dya get these people to actually listen to you an take you seriously its like avin the queen mother livin across the road to me the benefit scammer thats in the back garden with a giammy back but is perfectly able to bend down or use a hammer to build a fence the chavvy young lads that like to have a scuffle an a shoutin match in the street , kiss an make up an make a mense what wer they arguing for in the first place it doesn’t make sense its all chineese to me got some polish , some that are on the dole...well ish they do abit on the side an take the government for a ride at the same time but no1 grasses them up so its fine everyones in the window lookin to see whos walking past its as if ther watching you to see if your touching ther grass or their plants like there lookin for an excuse to come out the house an rant an rave an tell you not to misbehave fone the police its a shithole of a street thers no fucking peace © 2009 Timothy James Roberts. All Rights Reserved It pisses me off you gotta pay for sky tv cant watch footie or films but freeview will do me its always a downer wen u cant get hold of weed don’t have the money or the gear to grow it so i don’t bother plantin a seed wen i make a brew i put the milk in last , stock up on the chocolate bourbons i scran those well fast corker for the munchies Why dya have to talk on the fone to the jobcentre to sort your money out it costs you to fone up an find out an the reason your fonin is cos your skint no doubt it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out thers a bit of a glitch in the system there many of times ive pulled out my hair listnin to beethovens symphony the things you do to sort out your money! its like its the amount of money that proves your worth always get a second look if you pull up in a merc , possibly wearin a shirt maybe with a tie but its those kinda people that have a passona thats sly money money money give me more i wana extend my work force times for an make even more let the peasants below me feed off the scraps on the floor it doesn’t bother me because im more the police are on top take you down the cop shop for almost anyfin these days even if its freedom of speech wat you say can get you in trouble in many ways £60 pound fines tickets for sniffing white lines in cubicles tryna blag your way out of anything youd need a miracle they proper want sumfin to do an from the moment your questiond you can tell theyve got it in for you thers not much you can do but jus tell them the score they dig into you an try find out more but ther isn’t any im sick of the people on Bid up TV weather its a toaster , curtains or a mini MP3 Bid Up TV’s description of the items makes them out to be the best fing since sliced bread the birds tellin me id be mad in the head not to ring up now an press one the fone call costs nearly two quid an its 9 quid delivery aswell as the price of the item added on an shes just got way to much to say about this wok thats made by ken hom goin ... going...gone , nice one addiction is obsession, a compulsion an excessive psychological dependence for something that you hold close to you that you probably think helps where really its the reverse an it makes you worse so its more like a curse an 9/10 its bad for your health i like to smoke pot to pass the time , ive not got a bad word to say about the stuff an i think its toatally fine but then there is a line that you shouldnt cross what i do is substance miss use but for some reason i dont give a toss it makes me feel better If i avnt got it does effect my behaviour an my mood an i can get quite snappy an rude so i am dependent an for me personally it does help so i ask the question if it affects my behaviour do i need help thers nothing more on the planet i enjoyed more than workin a full day come home put the kettle on , make a brew an a smoke an puff away happy thoughts sat there unwindin jus thinkin about my day an what 2morrow mite bring but because im off waiting for an op its quite the opposite i spend everyday in the most uncomfortable way which for me is the pain in my hip an cos ive got so much time on my hands an ive got no plans i smoke in excess an my daily routines a mess i don’t sleep at night an have to put up a fight to get any kind of shut eye i wake up late , i don’t have breakfast or dinner an sometimes i tend to leave many things on my plate cos i jus don’t feel hungry i feel in pain what id do for it to jus go away so i cud jus have a normal day i only take notice of things that matter to me everything else jus passes me like a raindrop before my eyes people are worried about me but i am quite wise i no thers that line an i try to stay in the borderline give me another 6 months an after that op il be fine you try stop me then!

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winston plowes

Tue 10th Nov 2009 10:21

Hi TimA big Welcome to WOL. Hope you enjoy looking at the different sections of the site and participating in some way that you find suits you. At WOL, we are trying hard to be as inclusive as we can and many members have enjoyed both the open mic nights we run and the many others in the gig guide. If you want to know more about events near you drop me a line at or look at the gig guide. Best Wishes Winston (New Members Manager)

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