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I'm a Seattle based lawyer... Graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, followed by law school at Brooklyn Law.


Only an end _______________________ In the beginning There was only an end Only the means That led to descent A thousand scenes I don't pretend I don't long to forget Because I can't defend All the paths that we walked Hand in warm hand All the prey that we stalked Appeasing one demand All the hours we clocked Working in the sand The world we mocked The things we had planned I’ve had to accept we deserved our defeat Our hair unkempt Sleeping in the street We weren’t exempt Bruised hands down to feet I know now we aren't meant to live such deceit And here at the end Once again we begin I repay what you lent you pay for each sin I know where you went you know that I'm pinned spirit crushed and spent and I still can't give in. You learned to repent I learned how to win _______________________ Prescience __________________ Who are you? You, who lie in my bed Whose voice echoes in my head My god, my blood is oh so red pouring through my veins I have spent so many years Writing out my hopes and fears My vision seemingly so clear Not knowing what I did It seems so strange, that what I wrote Those lines emerging from my throat In my eyes, that one mote Did it come from you? Did I write those aching lines For this burning, darkened time Your taste inflected in my rhyme So many years ago… I often looked over the pages And wondered why my heart’s wages Were stripped away in all those stages As the days slipped by And only now is it clear How often stanzas can be seers That even back in my lost years My tongue could speak your sign In the distance I could see The inferno we would be I’ve long since lost my urge to flee These flames will make us whole now that I can touch your skin I’ve finally found my way within your moon blind eyes, your pale skin Let this never end. ________________________ Find us _____________________ you're gone and I miss you. Even as I kiss you I walk away can feel you it lasts the day that whisper ...stay… Let the world fade away; Climb back into my car in an hour we can go so far they will never find us...

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Freda Davis

Sat 11th Dec 2010 22:15

Hi Theo, I took the liberty of commenting on your poem on the Review Discussion thread.

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Winston (Admin)

Sun 21st Nov 2010 18:21

Hi There Theo, Welcome to Write Out Loud, enjoy. Winston

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