Some say: The Luchador Poet once got into a ruckus with Gandhi...and lost. The Luchador Poet wants to be Buzz Lightyear when he grows up. The Luchador Poet invented the question mark. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said ‘There is nothing to fear, but fear itself...and The Luchador Poet.’ All we know is that The Luchador Poet is a performance poet and writer with all the ability of a coma patient and the subtlety of a breeze block to the face. Operating out of the tiny, run down hovel referred to as the mind, he hopes to re-invent Blues for the 21st Century and put a twinkle in the eye of model train enthusiasts everywhere. After that he would like to shut down a chain of organic restaurants, star in a one man west end revival of Gavin & Stacey before pursuing a career in time travel. Failing that he will probably just rant endlessly about the state of the world until everyone has had more than enough. He already has... Become friends with The Luchador Poet on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @theluchadorpoet


Dickhead Strikes Again How did this happen? I was sure I’d built my straw house Against this You had to be Lovely Didn’t you? Didn’t you? I apologise Let me start Again I’m sure I’ll ask that At least once more If you’ll let me It’s a crying game shame You’ve given me the chance The frog to my scorpion I’ll hope For the best But I know I’ll destroy it Like old times Nature shines brightest When irrepressible I can’t be trusted To hold happiness Even for fleeting seconds As busy as I may be I’ll still make time To doubt myself Hope is nothing But another chance To screw it all up ----------------------------------------------- We Have Nothing in Common Anymore Don’t act As if you are Somehow offended What was I supposed to think? That you sat there Waiting for me? I’d be the world’s stupidest fool For thinking You cared So I say keep the ring I know so much About these things That twisted metal reminder Around your finger It is nothing More than scrap Rescued from the wreckage Of what once was A year has passed And now it exists? Guess you must be feeling Pretty lonely Manipulations at midnight No longer register So take your tales Of the day elsewhere To one of the others Maybe one not yet broken By you It would be inhuman of me To care any less ----------------------------------------------- Brick Walls to Cowards You are safer here You say As if a great hand Could stretch at you At any time Looming out of nowhere To strike you Down with the force Of a freight train On malevolent tracks A cargo of your fear Threatening derailment Of everything You’ve since worked for Fuck that It’ll have to go Through me And my jaw is happy To break like a fever For you It’s what black eyes Were built for So nurse me To health And it won’t dare Cross that line I form in no-man’s land The smitten are brick walls To cowards Fists will break Like waves Against the sure footing You have built Into my bricks of faith One day you can Tell me all about it Finish the story You showed me But for now Your smile is worth more Than all The bravado in the world ----------------------------------------------- Are You Going to Kiss Me This Time? We part ways Three hugs the better Our time A babbling brook Unwilling to reach the tide I count The speeding silver seconds With both hands Of fingers Clasping your coat To lock in the warmth Of your smile Floating home Blue lights pierce the air With the urgency Of hasty heartbeats In thrall to bare belief But no one’s pain Will puncture my evening Not tonight I’ve been kicked Up and down Like a football On a table Passed back and forth Between competing agendas But now it matters less Than ever it did The longer the tunnel The brighter your light And the clear beckons I am a balloon Bursting with helium esteem As moods rise Carrying confidence in its arms Ballast jettisoned In the flicker of a smile I make a break For starlit skies Fields roll by As idle moments try to shift The grin from its very foundations Futility awaits them With the shutter stock stuck A loop establishes Like a highlight reel Of heated intent Ninja nerves crept in Those sneaky bastards Causing failure To go for the kill of a kiss No Professor Marcus am I Maybe next time I thought And I hoped you did too So I hope Sunday Soon comes for me Like onrushing death I want it to hit me Like a wall of heat Like the angriest bear In the woods I’ll share with you The long, dark Tea party of my soul Punch drunk with fear I’ll climb to my feet For one last round The distance is mine To go Consequences loom Dark clouds on a clear day If you don’t warn me I won’t listen For the first time In a long time I’ll get hopelessly carried away By the river In your eyes

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 2nd Mar 2012 16:48

Hi Luchador Poet - welcome to WOL! I am glad that you want to put a twinkle in the eye of train enthusiasts! Some of my best mates used to be train enthusiasts! And trams as well of course. Good luck with your poems and I hope you enjoy the site. :)

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