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Tahira Rehman

Updated: Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:36 pm

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I have been writing poetry since the age of 14. I use poetry as an art of expression and a tool of empowering my emotions in a positive way I have performed at a few open-mic events and have enjoyed this. I believe everybody has something to offer, and poetry (one of many arts) is a beautiful and priceless means of expression and always provides us the platform of learning something new I enjoy reading books by various authors, listening to audios from these authors, keeping fit, working (because I love my job), spending time with family and writing poetry


Surviving heart attack Like the fresh flowers on a new day I smell the fragrance I smelt before Not knowing the right way I still open one of the doors Treading carefully along the prickles and roses I leave my emotions behind where they belong And many times in the day I'm in a hypnosis Fighting reality and fantasy for too long Too long and now it's time to win The battle against good and evil Who said I cannot begin After surviving the pain of the sharpest needle As time demands to be used And does not promise us its eternity For each one of us know it's true We can create our own destiny Try to lose me again but you will never win Try to amuse me twice I will ridicule you from within Your traits will always exist in different bodies They will always carry the same old ways But I will never be sorry For what is carried in my own name 29/01/18 ----- Nostalgia Why the cries of such a longing are blurred I do not know The shun of such times is tender As a prickle to a rose What is not here, that was here before What has left such a wound that has fastened to the heart Insignificant occasions and trivial memories Grow as the most significant when the heart feels wistful Could it be the loss of time or the loss or childhood Or maybe a yearning for the completion of childhood? Golden photos, complete smiles I wonder if they really knew Wild laughters, happy tears I wonder if they were true The nature of change is harsh but i blame not myself Yet the purposeful change in people comes to surprise The sounds of birds The beautiful air under the sun The silence of the morning The feeling of all work done Has shun And I am nostalgic 17/05/2010 --- Child in the mirror Sleep well my child Don't be afraid Nothing else has made you except your creator You are more free than the birds If you don't realise now, you'll wish you had later Stop frowning Or your forehead will have creases Even before your time So sleep well my child Don't let those who are fools Break all your tools You spent your life building That you spent your night dreaming of Soon you will laugh At the foolishness Of letting precious time waste Over those who do not deserve it Sleep well my child You are precious than you know 08.10.17

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Big Sal

Wed 1st Aug 2018 23:50

Thank you much. . .๐ŸŒท

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Hannah Collins

Thu 31st May 2018 20:21

Thank you so much for your comment on my poem The Heart That Hopes.
It means a lot to me. Looking forward to reading you.


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Wed 16th May 2018 12:21

Hi Tahira!

Thank you so much for your very kind words! I will be keeping an eye on you. Your writings are beautiful ! Anya x

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Big Sal

Sat 5th May 2018 17:41

Your sample 'Surviving heart attack' is amazing. Very good piece of writing.๐Ÿ‘

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