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My first open mic that I read at was the Poetry Cafe's "Poetry for Haiti" with Kat Francois, 5th Feb 2010. Loved it x I'm the artistic director for Stars or Mars Theatre, as well as playwright, performer and poet. My PhD focuses on Science Fiction Theatre, which I write, promote and produce. I also enjoy writing SF poetry, fantasy as well as the everyday.


Ambulant A physical phenomenon he was, A resistance building up in the station Between mind and body, divorced but cohabited. Ambulant in thoughts, but not the courage to disperse them, Maternal, loving his feelings too much to release them Maybe they were not ready for this world. I could see him, not yet unfurled, collapsed in a prison of his own making - the rule of his conduct. The imprisoned man dangerous, especially the one Who locked himself in there to begin with. It’s easier to converse with fingers than stroke, make move with words, A state that he preferred, and so had I done, The only sounds the static howls of the television in the kitchen. But it’s a scene I’ve seen far too many times, A method to remind me of the crimes that it has led to. So now my mind is taking baby steps, It’s learning how to walk again. ------------ Elephant Take this elephant out, said my mind And I did comply Or at least try To move this monstrosity, make vanish this vast Conquest of time and space. He falls, I tumble, Wrapped round his legs like a sail He rolls, I roll Like a game of frigging pinball Like two snails in the desert do we align Star crossed lovers, wrapped in pain, and slime Crashed in a corner, Cracked. I stand up, Smashed. He’s still standing there, Oblivious, is his mind racing? I used to know him, he had a name Yet the very classification escapes my mind. He had a form He had a voice But just for now, I don’t know how, He's just an elephant To me.

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Suzie GeeForce

Wed 12th Aug 2015 12:02

Hi Alana,

So sorry for the late reply! Hope you're well! Glad to see Ambulant resonated with you :) I've been away from poetry for a while but hoping to revive it! Will gladly check our your work x

Alana Spence

Mon 31st Oct 2011 18:42

I hope you don't take this wrong way? But Ambulant resonated with me in many ways! I found it emotional, I am a transsexual, Mind & body divorced but cohabited? I empathise with most lines!\I wrote a poem Freak of Nature? this says more xx

Pete Crompton

Mon 22nd Nov 2010 01:30

if only there were more performance poetry nights! The scene goes thru many highs and lows.

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Max Wallis

Wed 9th Jun 2010 09:07

Hello Susan!

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Suzie GeeForce

Wed 17th Mar 2010 16:55

Cheers Hannah :D I always feel that we always try and pry into the media, trying to see something that we can believe and trust - it's an element of risk on our part and it basically keeps them alive - a lot like Tinkerbell really :)

Where are you hoping to study? Creative writing is great to learn, as there's so many things you don't realise from an outsider's perspective, and people who really know the ropes can give you such invaluable advice (sometimes!). Good luck with it xx

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hanah hewes

Sat 27th Feb 2010 16:51

Hey Susan, I see you did creative writing at university and I'm just wondering how you found it, as I'm planning on going to study creative writing this year at Uni too!
I really liked Celebrity Autobiography, especially these line 'Like Tinkerbell’s grip on reality
Trying to catch that spark of
Integrity' x

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John Aikman

Mon 8th Feb 2010 08:07

Thank you for your kind comments on 'Martin' (it's a true story by the way!). Have you noticed the 'previous poem' link on the individual poem pages? If you click through those you don't need to go hunting through blogs for poems.I went round Brunel only a couple of weeks ago and the core of it is just the same as ever. A new sports centre and all my old halls have been domolished and new ones built..but, yes, the lecture centre is the same.

The Union has been refurbished...but looks pretty much as ever. Flat screen TV's where once there were Space Invader machines.:)Jx

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Suzie GeeForce

Fri 29th Jan 2010 11:04

Hi everyone, thank you for your welcome messages! Wow, I wonder how Brunel used to be 30 years ago - I'm guessing the lecture centre hasn't changed though!

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Winston (Admin)

Tue 19th Jan 2010 11:10

Hi There Susan, Hopeyou enjoy exploring the site and that we see more ofyour work soon. Winston

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John Aikman

Mon 18th Jan 2010 18:07

I'm an alumni of Brunel myself...albeit 30 odd years ago.

Eva Figes was 'writer in residence' then. I see that her daughter is now a lauded author.

God, I feel old!



PS. I was doing 'science' then....nothing to do with writing. They didn't do that sort of thing in my day!

God, I feel even older now.


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Graham Sherwood

Mon 18th Jan 2010 17:57

Hello Susan, welcome to WOL.
I look forward to reading some more of your work.

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