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Susanna L Zulu

Updated: Mon, 22 Feb 2021 02:34 pm

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I am Susanna Zulu, born and being bred in Zimbabwe's city of kings. I am an author and a poet. I believe everyone has something great they can do. I have therefore dedicated myself to educating everyone about the ground they stand. Education is power and when you have power you have everything you need to make a difference. For what counts is the difference we make in a lifetime.

I am a rose

Like the rose growing in the woods Surviving floods So was I raised in a rough world And went through tears When I was taught to face my fears In the conquest of being the best in the forest just like the rose Similarly I too never gave up on the hope that someday I would be admired by the people who had attempted to trample me under their feet The very same people Who once tried to approach me so as to encroach me until I was stuck in the dark Just like the rose even I have a history that was indefinite as to whether I would respire and at the end inspire or would be washed away by the wind that blew when the rose was still a seed And I a kid Today the rose has conquered against all odds and is now blooming into a beautiful flower And I on the other hand am also growing to be a strong tower that has the power to sustain those who attain their power of standing upright in this world Too bad I am like the rose and someday I'll have to expire And leave behind a place that will forget I even existed

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