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Updated: Mon, 3 Jun 2013 01:00 pm

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from the other side of nowhere


Here I stand in curiosity, alert, are you for here, or further down the road? show your hand! the sands of time rush headlong past the silvery exit, going nowhere, but quickly the town tumbleweeds rattle on by, caught in the swirling trail of jettisoned crap this is it, this is home, but home for a stranger, getting stranger by the hour, tick tock tick the cars amble up, their occupants stagger out, on their way to a miriad of finest venues the young explode along the path with their hundred noises, looking after number one the old timers snub noses, twisting their crinkles at the very thought of entering the cage 6.30 sees the four legged friend and master, on their endless, comforting walk to the grave In they come, but out they go, move on with red faces - there's nothing of interest for you! a furtive nervous glance to the dark streets and the blissful open spaces, we will never meet again, a shifty au revoir will save blushes, time for the saviours to enter, but its running out fast Its music night, the dead of night, soon be clicking, shutting, locking for the very last time

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 21st Jun 2013 17:48

Hi Stollemeyer - welcome to WOL. Hope you will enjoy the site :)

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Simon Marks

Sun 9th Jun 2013 13:09

Aha, the genius speaks at last. Would love to see some more!

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