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Stan Ski

Updated: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 02:58 pm

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Stanski is the kind of guy who doesn’t do things by half measures. For example, he’s the guy who went to Thailand in 1999, to see in the New Millennium. He enjoyed it there so much that he decided to stay on for a while. He didn’t return to the UK until October… October 2010…! Stanski began writing in earnest in 2005 while recovering from a motorcycle accident, in the northern city of Chiangmai, in which he sustained serious head injuries. Since then, he has completed four novels, and is currently writing a fifth. Examples of verse by Stanski can be found on his Blog, ‘Elephant Small’


THE NIGHT JASMINE The Night Jasmine awakes At the coolest time of year And on evenings such as this Its perfume fills the air While imaginations drift Downwind of the Twilight bloom That doesn’t love the heat Of a summer afternoon Preferring instead the dead Of night at cooler times When the intensely fragrant scent Unleashed by the Night Jasmine Exposed by encroaching dark Enhanced by the chill night air Floats free till the new day breaks When sunlight ushers it on Uniting it with the scents Of forest field and farm That flow from far upstream Of the swollen river bed Fed by the flash-flood falls That form from the overfill Of underground reservoirs High on the mountainside Where the evening mist hangs low Obscuring the silhouette On the distant underscore Till dawn when the rising sun Chases the fallen shroud Back to the space between Her golden glow and the earth That harboured its one-night-stand Tolerated its presence But welcomed with open arms Its life-sustaining moisture Before showing it the door In order to allow The scent of the Night Jasmine And those scents that flow from upstream Of the swollen river bed To conjugate and bear fruit So ripe it melts in the mouth To leave a lingering taste Of morning mountain slopes And hopes and fears and dreams Of men and women who Inhale the fragrant air Of the valley veiled in mist That falls with the setting sun On evenings such as this When the Night Jasmine awakes

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 20th Jan 2013 11:54

Hi Stan - a very warm welcome to WOL. Hope to see more of your work on here soon - and good luck with the fifth book!

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