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Age is just a number... I have been writing for about nine years and have recently started adapting some of my work for performance and publication. Done a few open mic performances over the past few months which have been more successful than I imagined. I don't have any influences (except alcohol/drugs/caffeine) - though I greatly admire Benjamin Zephaniah and Hovis Presley. My poetry comes from the heart and the mind. I simply find a pen and paper and write, or a keyboard and type. The ones I like I post.


All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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John Coopey

Sun 25th Apr 2010 22:29

SJ - thanks for the comments about me looking a twat. I appreciate your support!

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Mia Darlone

Mon 22nd Feb 2010 22:35

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I agree with your biog reference to fuelling verses - a bottle beside the laptop is the way forward.

I hope the Classy Bird in your poem gets picked up by my ex - then the inlaws might regret their views on my being 'posh'!

<Deleted User> (7075)

Tue 19th Jan 2010 22:50

Hi SJ. Well done for noticing the 'Last 10 poets to join' thread. Although thats not the whole story. As new people join, others drop off the bottom of the list so I delete a bit of the bottom of the list and add to the top. In your case however I didnt delete high enough up so that only your name remained. This made it look like I had only put your name. I had put more but can't remember what it was. I have put something back in there and deleted your comment as it didnt make sense after my alteration. Hope this is all ok. Keep on blogging. Winston

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 19th Jan 2010 19:11

bloody hell S.J!-If that comment was,nt as quick as shit off a shovel,I,ll be the proverbial Uncle.But thank you Flash!-Stefan

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 17th Jan 2010 22:10

thanks S.J re-well blow me-Got to go now-dollys being sick! lol-Stef.

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 17th Jan 2010 21:41

ta-S.J-indeed i do have to feed the doggy-otherwise he might feel woof!Stef.

<Deleted User> (7266)

Tue 12th Jan 2010 11:27

I can't say I've met many poetic Christians myself! I have more recent ones to upload as a matter of fact :)

<Deleted User> (7075)

Mon 11th Jan 2010 18:23

Hi S.J. Well done posting2 blogs. What about a photo and a bit more info in your profile. we're a friendly bunch here on WOL. Winston x

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Graham Sherwood

Sun 10th Jan 2010 22:05

Welcome to WOL S.J
I can't agree with your religious views but would certainly like to see some of your recent stuff on here.

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