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Might as well give it a try.... I like to write, mainly for my friends, or occasions, but a lot of them are specific to people I know, therefore may be wasted on here. Humour is my favourite, except my samples appear somewhat morbid, though hopefully encouraging :).


LIFE GOES ON... Fair’s fair is it? This happens here, crap happens there! It’s what we’re told when our life is stripped bare. Like layers of an onion, And yes you’ll cry… Cry for days, Few years a haze. But that’s the norm, Your turn for a storm, Happens to us all, “just get down and crawl, through thick and thin, don’t give in”. You heard ‘em say, From their warm embrace. Looking from a distance, Not an ounce of gloom, From their bedded bloom. It’ll always be them, With the words of advice, “lifes a gamble, a roll of a dice” Get what you’re given love, Just if your hand fits the glove. And yes we listen, You’re right, fairs fair, My time for despair. Well what if… There seems to have been a blip, Since ‘that time’ You missed the sublime, You were told to go on, And you were so naive, Left no time to grieve. Until the dark time came, But that can change. Talk out loud, And share the past, Don’t embrace the overcast. Fair’s not always fair, When you loose someone dear, I’ll lend you an ear. Remember, you make the rules, Not those ignorant fools. So, fair’s fair is it? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Life is a journey each day a new task, But the challenges we face are out of our grasp, From day to day there’s neither rule nor book, To guide us through when times are tough, But now’s the time to take your path alone, Because the way to cope will not be shown, But you know in me your faith can lie, To help you along until those tears are dry, No one can tell you it will be ok, But with time it will heal day by day, But when that star shines bright at night, Your dad is there, he’ll be your guiding light. COMMUNITY ROTATION Such a serious topic, Heightened cause for concern, You’re entering their world, And there’s so much to learn. A daunting prospect, So much responsibility, Yet the community ladies Are as nice as can be. They wear the world on their shoulders, Yet they’re as calm as they come, No matter what the situation, They’ll get the job done. But that is the secret, To this happy little bunch, Work hard, laugh harder, Especially over lunch. Conversation is like OK! Wrapped up into one, Side order of PEA soup And a cherry scone. Laughing so hard, Dying for a wee, ‘it’s all it’s good for, This bloomin’ polly!!’ A super rotation Made some crackin’ chums, But it’s time to wave goodbye, To my honorary work mums !!!

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Winston (Admin)

Sun 14th Nov 2010 19:06

Hi sez, Welome to Write out loud. Hope you find something interesting here, Winston

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