I grew up in a secondhand bookshop in Sheringham, Norfolk, learned to read when I was 2 and started writing not long after that. Received a certificate of honours from a county-wide festival for my first major work "Mythical Land" when I was the ripe old age of 8 and as it currently stands that is the last time I performed anything in public though that is something I hope to change in the near future. I am currently based in an uncomfortable chair in Norwich, Norfolk whence I spew my uninvited musings upon the world in the form of poems, most of which are on the standard sex/death/rage themes. The homepage is where you can find a collection of my stuff dating from circa 1991 to the present day though I will post my personal favourites below for your edification.


Drop The Bomb Drop the bomb There's nothing left but broken dreams It hurts to see the poison streams A gene pool full of threadbare seams Black fingers scorch the once blue sky All is dry A drought of souls to feed the grind A prize to those without a mind Pitch darkness to the always blind Potential fallen out of sight Remember There's nothing we can't leave behind No fault, in time, we can't rewind If we would only make the time Drop the bomb Shock And Awe We wait in silence Baited breath Falls forth to mingle with the smoke The smoke of war Curls, tendrils outreached To catch the souls Which have proven weak We stand aside To let time pass And count the thoughts Of good things lost No hopes to have Of redemption, each Saying their mantra "It can't be for me" All views of a future Falter, paused No voices seem to speak our cause So silent we shall sit and wait Breathe grateful air And tempt our fate Seraph Deep inside there burns a fire An age old soul become a pyre Deeper, darker is my sin Kindled from the flame within Lust forever with the hope That hands could touch and have and grope And beyond imagination's screen That eyes could see the yet unseen Fantasy will fan the fire Illuminate this dark desire And flesh will writhe and ache and burn To know and be known in return Acrostica I promised myself I wouldn't say Loose lips could sink our ship Only my word keeps me schtum Verity is important to you Every time I see I bite my tongue Yet can silence itself become a lie? Over our every interaction it is subtitled Underlining every failure to reveal Catharsis/Denial I'm glad I didn't trust you I'm glad I didn't care I'm glad I didn't wait around Until you would be there I'm glad I didn't want you I'm glad I didn't dream I'm glad I didn't let you in And let you work your scheme I'm glad I didn't need you I'm glad I didn't fall I'm glad I didn't waste my time And I won't miss you at all Tigress Battle worn and winter aged The cat within, a tiger caged. Inside of me a creature waits With twitching tail and whiskered face. She watches you with eyes of gold. She followed you in from the cold. She curled up at your feet to sleep. She offered you her heart to keep. She cries for you when you're not there. She lets you touch her velvet hair. The litter runt, in you she finds A reason for her tattered mind. Every horror she has suffered, Every scar she's had to cover, Through dark ordeals she's had to sit To find your lap, and finally fit. A Thousand Words A picture need not speak a thousand words When four are quite enough You lied to me With your behaviour tried to pull the wool over my eyes I wish you well and send you on your way There is no longer a home for you in my heart Cling not to me There are better fitted choices within your grasp And you have grasped them so let me go I have already slipped through your fingers And gladly I flee Untrue Love A hatred hotter than my soul could take Cinders in my heart where I kept you safe From a sea of words a wave does break Scouring me free of your lies You know not of what you speak So how can you mean what you say Your actions denote the truth I seek Cutting me free of your ties My creativity crushed and thrown aside Exposes how much to you I matter not I could have ranted, I could have cried But I silently watch as my love for you dies Pedestrian Rage (or "Because a tower and a gun just isn't personal enough") When walking more than one abreast My patience you will sorely test And should not be at all surprised When I blacken both your eyes And crush your nose and break the skin As I cave your selfish skull right in The Not-So-Freudian Slip Song You meet a git- I mean, a guy Who makes you wet- I mean, makes you want To open wide, draw him inside- That is, your mind You want him to reach out and grope- I mean grab the opportunity To test your flexibility You're hoping that he wants you- I mean open to what he wants to do to- Ah, that is, with you You're curious as to how he tastes- Er, why he tests your patience so When all you want is him inside- I mean, his insights But he doesn't seem eager to shag- Uh, share your bed- That is, bad karma. What a shit- I mean, shame.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 29th Jun 2010 11:36

Hello - just read your poems, which I like, esp Tigress. Freudian Slip Song very funny!

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David Franks

Tue 29th Jun 2010 11:04

Just enjoyed some of your poems, Sarah. My uncle and auntie go bird watching and counting in ever do such-like? David.

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Steven Kenny

Wed 16th Jun 2010 11:06

Really liking your stuff Sarah! I love the dark feel to your poems. Bit of a fan of the dark myself as my poems can attest! More please and well done! :-)

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barrie singleton

Wed 24th Mar 2010 17:41

A kindred soul methinks! Thanks for approval of mine. I LOVE the thought of you 'growing up in a bookshop'. They do have a 'magic forest' quality and a feeling one might never find the way out. (:o)

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nick armbrister

Wed 24th Mar 2010 16:31

many thanx for accepting and reading my work Sarah. thanx:) all the best nick.:)x

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Wed 17th Mar 2010 23:59

I love "Acrostica"

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Winston (Admin)

Wed 3rd Mar 2010 17:40

Liked a thousand words Sarah. Welcome to WOL. Winston

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nick armbrister

Wed 3rd Mar 2010 12:41

your poems have a dark/gothic quality Sarah, i like them!

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Graham Sherwood

Tue 2nd Mar 2010 23:12

Welcome to WOL Sarah. Loved the Freudian slips.

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