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hiya, im Sarah but most people call me sez i suppose my type of poetry can be deep and emotional i write my poetry as a kind of release, it helps me through my stresses and upsets. All of my poetry is based on my experiences, feelings and thoughts a lot of my poetry got me through some hard times, that have now past, and i would love to share my poems with people most of my poems are on my blog thingys lol i hope u will check em out and feel free to comment, much love sez x (PS - im not as moody as i look on my profile pic lol) (p.p.s - id like to learn how to improve on my poetry do let me know if im going wrong somewhere)


my homie! I keep looking at you your calling me again you know im weak pretending to be my friend i look at you to answer my woes you help me in a way all them bad feelings goes your love can taste bitter sometimes some people blame you for my crimes people are starting to notice that we are always together but this relationship can never last forever dedicated to hennessy my fave drink ---------------------------------------------------------- a lucky escape Wednesday 28th April 2010 9:30 pm (first posted Wednesday 6th August 2008 2:11 pm) When you took my little brother and decided to go, I wondered how you could leave me with this psyhco, later that night around 20 to 4, from the pub he walks through the door, on the couch i pretended to be asleep, i closed my eyes didn't even peep, my heart stopped like i was about to drown, as he grabbed me and tryed to pull my pants down, i pulled away luckly escaped, i ran upstairs shit! i was nearly raped, i went cold that night held it all inside, didn't tell anyone contemplated suicide, i know im telling you this in like 2007, but mum that shit happened when i was like 11, you never beleved me did you saying i was telling a tale, but now,he's raped someone else and now hes in jail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEARS I dont wanna see my loved ones die because if i do i know my end is nigh, I self harm on the inside not on the out i dont have cuts and bruses to flaunt all about, i dont need attention love or respect because all of those things i really do get, All i want is a real guarantee that good health and happiness for my family like someone said DEATH IS CERTAIN LIFE IS NOT that is the saying that hurts me a lot

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Tue 25th Aug 2009 18:48

wish you all the best in the future Sarah.

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Tue 25th Aug 2009 15:03

Hi Sarah,
Cheers for the comment, glad you liked the poem, got a few more in that vein which I might put up at a later date.
Take care

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Tue 7th Jul 2009 00:11

"People are starting to nitice we are always together" is my favourite line in your "My Homie" poem... its a great line to show how the bottle is taking over and is been seen by the freinds of the narrator...

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Neil West

Wed 1st Jul 2009 10:54

I've shared your work for the first time here and it is definitely powerful and emotional. You aren't doing anything wrong as far as I am concerened, you have something important to say and you say it very well! I was moved by your writing.

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Mia Darlone

Sat 22nd Nov 2008 12:27

Thank you!
Now I have a poem AND and Stella Artois beer fridge out of that relationship - everyone is indeed a winner.

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andy n

Sun 16th Nov 2008 11:11

Hi Sarah - the boundary i know is a s**t hole! Believe me!

Otherwise, cheers for the comment in response to Perfect Place.. It is one of my fav's I must admit and something I do turn back to sometimes when I am not at my best, shall we say!

Have you ever thought about joining a writing group or something? May help you out with your writing a bit back... I'm in a couple myself - two in the center off Manchester and another which I co run in Bolton (which is about to launch it's first open mike night too - look for poets and pasties in the diary section off here)

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Jeff Dawson

Thu 13th Nov 2008 20:55

Hi Sez - How ya doin?

Good to hear from you and thanx for the comment on 'I know you're there' Glad you like it. I have performed it a couple of times and it's gone down well..

Have you been writing? I'm off to Lisbon for a couple for days so hoping for some inspiration!

Take care and hope to see more of your work soon, Jeff X

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alex iamb

Fri 8th Aug 2008 15:36

Hey Sez, glad I made you smile - that is the idea after all.

Loved these lines:

I self harm on the inside
not on the out

I know all about that one, believe me. Tears of a clown and all that.

Big love, keep up the words,


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andy n

Fri 1st Aug 2008 20:44

Blind is excellent! Very powerful!

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Tue 15th Jul 2008 20:23

Thanx 4 the lovely comment.
Bless x

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Dave Morgan

Thu 10th Jul 2008 17:39

Hi Sarah, let it rip, but remember once it's out there, it's hard to take back. I'm sure your poems strike a chord with many WoL readers. Do you know that other Scouse/Manc (scanc?) poetic reprobate Jackie Hagan. You'd get on well.

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Dave Morgan

Thu 10th Jul 2008 17:30

Pete Crompton

Wed 9th Jul 2008 18:22

says me with spelling mistakes ! HA! oops sorry!

Pete Crompton

Wed 9th Jul 2008 18:22

Great stuff. A good way to get the pain, anger and frustration out and turn into something positive. I reckon also before you post its good to run it on a spell-checker, its easy to want to post it soon as you wrote it so you can share it with tte world and thats the buzz with poems! but spellcheck it first just in case and it makes it even more powerful!

Keep writing. If you get any ideas for a poem just write one line of it, and then keep it for a rainy day you never know the one line can become a poem.

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Richard Brooks

Wed 9th Jul 2008 12:15

got your last blog, strong stuff! if its competely autobiographical good luck!

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David Franks

Sat 5th Jul 2008 10:38

Just enjoyed your "God's got my back", Sarah; and I'll keep a lookout for more...

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