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Sam Kellaway

Updated: Thu, 10 Jun 2010 10:24 pm

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I was born in the south west of England near Plymouth. My mother was an English teacher and father a fisherman.I have written poetry from an early age but have only in the last 3 years or, so had a number of poems published in various anthologies I write from an experience gained from leaving home at 15 and travelling around the world between the ages of 18 and 21. I returned home to England when my mother became very ill with cancer, and the poem ‘Night Night Mum’ was the result of sitting at her bedside before she died. I try and write poetry that has a relevance and style to people whatever the intellect.


Lost Souls James finds his way through dark icy roads Deep in his thoughts of long lost happiness Two years on the streets, his birthday approaches Soon to be fifteen on a lonely Christmas Day Older in mind than he will ever become He has seen the darkness in too many eyes The peace that he seeks avoids his path He finds his quarry in a desolate doorway A desperate man with a loathsome need In a brief five minutes that seems like an hour The boy walks away with silent tears Clutching the money so tight in his hand His young shoulders carrying the world How much longer can he bear the weight? Near the hostel where the light shines bright Two wait in silence like vultures of the dark They sense his presence before he appears And in his weakened state he has no fight They flee the scene with just 5 golden coins Torn from his hand as his life drains away He becomes a statistic on an ER file Another runaway for the inside pages A forgotten name in a forgetful world We will never remember him Happy Christmas?

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David Franks

Wed 7th Jan 2009 11:22

I like "Lost Souls", Sam, which, to me, is a mini-blank-verse poem, yes?

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Daniel Hooks

Tue 30th Dec 2008 13:48

seeing as no one has said it yet!
welcome to write out loud!

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