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Saba Mustafa

Updated: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 07:16 pm

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hey:}. still young, but writings always been there as an option for me to escape, &im glad it has been. hope you can read&appreciate my work :} thanks


UNIQUE TOGETHER. i walked, head held high, first day, and difference made me feel sky high, the looks, the glares the jocks' emos' chavs' nostrils flared. confrunted by a sport, made my confidence fall, ''its fine... just walk!'' whispered a voice through the sport's wall. looking past him i stroll, two steps, and im pulled adrenaline pulsed through me as i fall, head smashed onto the floor. i looked up at the danger, his fist came down like slow motion but quicker, life was at a red light, and i wished my first day to be my last. pain seeped through me, as i held onto the rope, the rope that would save my life, the rope that would give me another chance. momma always told me ''difference is beautiful'' her exact last words as she lay at deaths door... thats when i became different, thats when i decided to become ME. pain, regret and memories make me stand, head held high once again, i pushed the sport away, and carried on struggling on my way. i looked in the mirror, at my blooded up self, where do i fit in? now that i've jumped of the shelf?... we're all the same, lungs, heart and brain, the real beauty locked inside, figure only judged by the outside. as i looked around me at the same people in groups, dont they realise nobody's perfect? beauty doesn't mean your figure, but at the same time, we're all unique together.

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Nick Coleman

Mon 31st Oct 2011 18:35

"Live life, take chances, laugh off the bad times, ‘cause it’s only just started."
Lucky girl - wish I had it all in front of me again. Judging by this poem you will do well.

Alana Spence

Mon 31st Oct 2011 18:29

We are all somebody Saba, Sometimes we don't see how unique we are? and indeed all have a voice and something to offer! Against any odds, I enjoyed your poem very complex, I'ld like to read more,

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Katy Lisa

Wed 29th Jun 2011 20:45

great poetry for such a young age you are very talented Cathy(Andy N's girlfriend) love to see more of your poetry very soon!

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Andy N

Wed 15th Jun 2011 08:24

Good to see you on here, Saba... Love the sample piece.. Wish I could write like that back when I was your age! x

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Winston (Admin)

Tue 14th Jun 2011 21:04

Hi Saba

Welcome to WOL. Any probs just reply to my emails. Winston

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