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Richard Bergman

Updated: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 07:00 pm

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Teacher and all -round good egg.(although I do have a tendency to crack under pressure). Having previously toiled in the mental health sector and other institutions, I discovered an unhealthy obsession for jumbled up words which led me into the tattooed arms of poetry . My verse has appeared in a few publications and on many a toilet wall. Now in my dirty thirties , I feel confident enough to wear comfortable trousers without the fear of ridicule. I go cock-a-hoop for; Ogden Nash , transit maps , Buster Keaton , hot baths, Duke Ellington, snooker , Ivor Cutler and the Whitechapel Art Gallery. I'm currently awaiting a dentist appointment.


for e e cUmmI ngs I) r e all y liKe t he pOEms) o F eE cumMings b u) T sO me fo Lks d)oNt r.b.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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melanie coady

Wed 9th Mar 2011 13:53

lol i loved it

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Thu 6th May 2010 17:05

Hi Richard,
Enjoyed reading "Shop-floor"! Interesting and unusual!

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Sun 18th Oct 2009 11:01

Welcome to WOL. If you take a look at my last two posts, you will see that I run an informal competition called 'Write Out Loud Outstanding Poem of the Month'. It would be lovely if you could get involved by voting - we need fresh blood. Hope to hear from you.x

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Tommy Carroll

Thu 8th Oct 2009 21:57

Thank you RB appreciated.

H Anthony Hildebrand

Wed 7th Oct 2009 10:42

Cheers Richard. Fairly sure I can't claim my words superceded the egg, enticing as it might seem.

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Chris Dawson

Tue 6th Oct 2009 15:05

Glad you like Porridge! To answer your question - as I remember, there was honey involved, but not sure as I only got the washing up. Personally, I prefer it fruity - a raspberry or two.

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Richard Bergman

Tue 6th Oct 2009 13:08

This could be a possibility Russell....ha.

Russell Thompson

Tue 6th Oct 2009 13:00

Yes, weren't they great? And what does it say about your poetic self-image - are you going to be the Shaggs of WOL?

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Richard Bergman

Tue 6th Oct 2009 12:48

Yes it is Russell. The worst best band there has ever been.
Thanks for your kind words Christine. x

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Chris Dawson

Tue 6th Oct 2009 12:22

Liked 'Shop Floor' very much, love Duke Ellington, and thanks for the reminder about the dentist.
Oh - and welcome to WOL.

Russell Thompson

Tue 6th Oct 2009 12:09

Is that The Shaggs?

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