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I am a young poet who is looking for an outlet, a place to learn and write my poems I am new to this website so i'm looking forward to reading what i and other poets can create If you believe what i write is trash then please don't feel scared to tell me so I know what to improve on I'm always open to some criticism

Hating People You Love?

Is it possible to hate people you love? Like attesting to the fact that you know you've found your prince charming, your perfect match, your soulmate Only to find out your prince is actually a big smelly beast Who used you to be seen as good when he knows nothing but evil A case of the hero being the true villain at the end of the day But for some reason, you can't bring yourself to resent him The one who swore he would protect you, only for him to turn around and stab you in the back So why? Why must I still like you? Why must I see the only good thing about you when you've proven yourself so bad? It mustn't be because of the feelings I still hold for you, Right? Oh please! Iv'e been down that dark muddy road once before with you but i discovered that it was a dead end.

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