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Paul Sayer. Known here at WOL by his pen name ‘Po’. Paul is very patriotic and holds deep religious convictions following his time spent questing for truth. He says... I write poetry to serve as skeletons awaiting the flesh and sinew of images. When poetry is not a document, it is a dream, it is here within my mind I find images. My hope is that the black and white negatives leave an ineffaceable multi-coloured image for you to peruse. Paul aka Po, on his Poetry. Paul lives in Gt Britain in North Norfolk. He has been writing poetry since the late seventies early eighties. Paul has made a life study and practice of meditation, which he began after becoming only the fourth person in the UK to attain a Black Belt in the ancient Korean martial art of Hap-Ki-Do. He is also a Forth Degree Reiki Master Practitioner. Paul has studied the esoteric, parapsychology and the occult for most of his adult life. He appeared on The BBC Look East Live Halloween Special and had a weekly radio phone-in and talk show on ‘Future FM’ and North Norfolk Radio. He along with his wife Pat were regular contributors to the ‘Paranormal Norfolk’ magazine. Paul has conducted hundreds of private consultations and undertaken countless ‘serious’ paranormal investigations, His experiences have been a great source of inspiration for much of his literature and poetry. Some of his poetry is realistic fiction, much of his poetry is based on real events that he has experienced. Most of Paul's working life has been of an extremely confidential nature. Hence his term 'realistic fiction'. He writes about real events in a way not betraying any secrets, trust or confidentiality. Latterly his literature has taken on a style of epistolary flavour. However, the reader never sees any of the texts or emails or the letters that inspired the poem or prose due to there sensitive nature. Reading his poetry here at WOL he says is best described as some of his 'Confessional writing.' It is often, he confesses, in his own words "Didacticism" Several of Pauls poems set out to expose social injustice. His following sample ‘Cocooned’ below was the winning poem in the annual Reepham music festival.


Cocooned Finding new complexity in handwriting dexterity Searching for lost artistry in the guise of poetry At times the images so surreal, in my mind a cotton reel Unravels till a tangled thread weaves a web around my bed Then ‘Itsy Bitsy’ comes to call. Arachnophobia cause me to fall Awaking with a nasty bump, in my throat a ticking lump. As I yawn, a black widow falls and bites my naked toe. Then scampers off somewhere to hide… No antidote to be applied What will now become of me, and my newly found complexity? At the proverbial ‘curling up of toes’, ‘Itsy Bitsy’ runs up my nose and proceeds to weave a silver thread, that leads me back into my bed A cobweb covered woven duvet, now shrouds a corpse where once I lay. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 11/11/19 11:00 Memorial The little white wooden church. The small white wooden church had not an empty seat. With an overflowing congregation, so many on their feet. Spilling out of the door, to pay their last respects. Far more than I had thought, and more than most expect. The service was quite poignant, a fitting tribute that’s for sure A lost and fallen comrade, this memorial was for. We bowed our heads in prayer, and silently we stood United in our grief, as a band of brothers surely would. After the service, I marched across the empty parade square Back towards MT, by a familiar sight, standing upright, there. A stark remnant of the Berlin Wall, perched like a sentry... Alone, standing tall. A small section that was removed, torn down, smashed in a fall. Ending endless suffering, tyranny, and scorn. Globally it seemed then, a time of peace was finally born. Whilst standing in its shadow, I sense an unseen presence drawing near That of a true and gallant hero, who many hold so dear. What was his death for, it seemed so futile, totally in vain Lost in a war, that truly was totally insane. Based on 'Blair’s dodgy dossier', fictitious, full of lies. The cause of many thousand deaths, the reason today we cried. Po ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ May 2020 The Mad Hatter's Tea Party I wonder if the Reaper likes a cup of tea He could join us at my tea party I’ll invite him along to see He could sample my tasty layer cake and my posh conserves maybe he’ll be nice to me And I'd give him his just deserts If I need a knife to cut my delicious carrot cake perhaps he’ll lend me his razor-sharp scythe I hope for heaven's sake as I wield a downward blow it slices off his head I'd make a tasty effigy of 'The Reaper' in gingerbread That would be quite funny Que the Queen's well-worn catchphrase... "Off with his head!" As we watched it rolling down the hill and headless, dead he lays. But who would then collect the souls at their end of days? Gosh! What a quandary that would surely be Who do you think might know... What was that? Vicar dear, Oh! Would you like more tea? Po.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Paul Sayer

Sun 29th Nov 2020 15:15

An old Norfolk saying d.

As in may your dreams/wishes/desires/hopes come true.


Sun 29th Nov 2020 14:16

"I pray your Christmas wishes all come good."

All come good.

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Sat 28th Nov 2020 19:54

d. I long for the day when 'I' see the light.

(err. no not 'that' light)


Sat 28th Nov 2020 12:03

Awwwww. Thanks Paul. 😊

Profile image

Mala' Seddeq

Fri 27th Nov 2020 19:41

Just WOW 🤩


Fri 27th Nov 2020 14:35

If your poems are photo negatives
it's not a fatal plight,
in time they will develop
and eventually see the light!


Thu 26th Nov 2020 11:16

Boris may be quirky
but at least he doesn't
Bore us!


Tue 24th Nov 2020 02:49

Merry Christmas?
We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
I prefer the past over the future.

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 17:02

As for jokes about 'that' cloak... Funny? I just can't see it.

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Sun 22nd Nov 2020 17:01

I was in the Light Dragoons
So saw very little of the wrens d.
Them Navy boys kept them to and for their selfs
Shame on them I say.


Sun 22nd Nov 2020 02:34

Glad you were touched by that poem.
Wrens are fun
to watch and write about!


Fri 20th Nov 2020 13:04

I lost my cloak
now I'm a desperate bloke
folks must not joke
about an invisible cloak!

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Thu 19th Nov 2020 18:44

Yep! Just stay away from the heat of the media... or them weird folk who like to place you inside a huge straw effigy.

Either would not be good for you!

Wearing a hat is just fine and dandy (check out my pics)

Profile image

Jemima Jones

Wed 18th Nov 2020 17:34

Your comments on my profile page Paul are regarded as a very nice gesture indeed. Thank you. Jemima.


Tue 17th Nov 2020 12:06

would that make me
a Straw Man?


Profile image

Paul Sayer

Fri 13th Nov 2020 23:27

d. a truism and wisdom intertwined my friend.


Fri 13th Nov 2020 13:59

All these wounded
though assailed,
will prevail.


Wed 11th Nov 2020 12:07

Thank you for your comment on "Someone Said".

Someone also said you are a worthy poet.
You also never cease to respond.
For that I am so grateful.

(also love that Union Jack!)

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Mon 9th Nov 2020 14:43

Nic, took on board and to heart what you told me.

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Sun 8th Nov 2020 17:44

Thank you d.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.


Sun 8th Nov 2020 17:17

You are a writer
a Sayer of words
that's all you need to do.
take it one day at a time
one word at a time
all good.

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Sun 8th Nov 2020 12:27

I am keeping out of the sights of some folk who don't like what I am saying Do.

d. if only you knew how 100 % correct your comments are mate.

..."It's the big tech companies
Facebook, Google, and Twitter
censoring our speech.
Essentially taking away
our basic right
to write..."

Ghazala lari

Sat 7th Nov 2020 17:06

Now that isn't a post Halloween pic u shud be using as your dp unless you plan to scare everybody and laughing over the same giving you intense happiness for your nasty pic game.....hehehe😱

Profile image

Tommy Carroll

Thu 5th Nov 2020 13:35

Cheers Paul, thanks for your comments on "Lack of Balance"
I have missed a rung on the ladder of love and been subject to the twisted joints of balance loss as most have😉


Wed 4th Nov 2020 10:08

It's the big tech companies
Facebook, Google, and Twitter
censoring our speech.
Essentially taking away
our basic right
to write.


Wed 4th Nov 2020 02:29

I wanted to post a comment
but it said I had to first log in
so I put another log on the fire
and now I am in
and warm
and laughing!

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Tue 3rd Nov 2020 13:31

As in Blue cheese... Blue moon (made of cheese)

yep! a tad too cheesy mate.


Mon 2nd Nov 2020 02:41

I was excepting an exceptional GOR- GONE-ZOLA

What does this mean?

Ghazala lari

Sun 1st Nov 2020 14:44

I hope you keep the fingers n hand green n pink. Thank you for yourcomment on my poem.

Profile image

Paul Sayer

Sun 1st Nov 2020 08:46

also d.

I loved this...



when needing a poem
without a ghost or a prayer
depend on one from
they guy named Paul Sayer!

Ha! Ha! you crack me up


"Most of Paul's working life has been of an extremely confidential nature".
What does this mean Paul?
are you a British spy?

00 Nooooooooo the secret is out.

I have been awaiting the Scottish Masters sad demise d.

Very large shoes to fill.

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