I started "adult" life as a computer programmer, despite graduating from York University in chemistry. On realising the path I'd forged for myself, at the age of 21, I started learning the piano, which I now teach. In 2000 I began a lengthy relationship with the Writer's bureau, and wrote much poetry. Between 2015 and ~2018 I shared many of my poems through open-mic performances, but my pursuit of a piano performance diploma started to take over, and continues to dominate my creative life. My first wife passed away in 2012 and I am now happily married to Michelle. My earlier writing often talks about my life, and is therefore somewhat autobiographical. Later poems are often psychological, with great openness throughout the whole. I realised my worth in my forties. It was there all along.


Life in a back pocket Your passing is spanned by my wallet. John Paul is nestled behind your smiling face cut out from your blue badge; two Saints in waiting. There’s an older black-and-white photo from when we first met. A tatty card off a lawn says ‘All my love, Mike xx.’ It explained dying roses. A new bank card, with money to spread thinly, is unscratched. Not many notes thicken this German leather. A credit card forms a clear imprint. Conversely there’s a receipt for a sold, prestigious watch. That CSO’s number’s there that we never considered when it was needed, and a Beefeater points card filled to your arteries’ peril. Unison’s presence reminds me of the days I worked, and a Cex card of days I sold to try and keep afloat with your help. Then there’s my father’s two prayers, which made him and me weep after the strewing. 25/4/13

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