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Matthew Nicholson

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Upcoming Gig Darea: 31st October - Just Write Spooks 730pm - 10pm The Old White Lion, 6 Bolton Street BL9 0LQ Bury 1st November - Off Yours at Nation of Shopkeepers 7pm - 10pm 27 - 37 Cookridge Street LS2 3AG Leeds 3rd November - ROMP 7:45pm - 11pm Bridge Inn, 1 Greasbrough Road S60 1RB Rotherham 7th November - York Spoken Word November 7pm - 10pm The Exhibition Pub, 19 Bootham YO30 7BW York 8th November - Permission to Speak 7:30pm Claptrap The Venue, 108a High Street, DY8 1EE Stourbridge 9th November - November Speak Easy 7pm - 10:15pm Cafe Bliss, 21 Sansome Street, WR1 1UH Worcester 13th November - Licensed to Rhyme 7pm - 9:30pm Cafe Morso, Barnt Green 16 Hewell Road, B45 8NE Birmingham 14th November - Wordmakers 7pm - 11:30pm Chaplins & The Cellar Bar 529 Christchurch Road BH1 4AG Bournemouth Matthew is an honest, straight talking, rhyming bearded northerner. Originally from Leeds he has recently returned to England after three years living in the Outer Hebrides. A move that finds him based near Birmingham with the aim of throwing himself back into the world of poetry. His writing can be, harrowing, inspiring and brutal yet beautiful in its honesty. He writes with an intensity and his natural empathy shines light and hope on the darkest of subject matter. “He delivers a mixture of dark humour, philosophical musings, and concrete imagery with real venom ” (Sabateur award winner Steve Nash) Matthew first performed at Spoken Weird in Halifax (2014) after a friend convinced him to attend and sign up for the open mic. "At the time I was hardly leaving the flat, so to suddenly find myself at the mic and receiving positive feedback from the likes of Dominic Berry, John Darwin and Winston Plowes was very humbling." Matthew went on to appear regularly at events in West Yorkshire, Manchester and Sheffield during 2014 until circumstances in his personal life brought an enforced break from the poetry scene. Matthew has since shared a stage with Dominic Berry, Jackie Hagan, Salena Godden, Matt Abbott, Genevieve Walsh, Victoria Garbutt, Jess Green, Kieren King, Joy France, Ralph Dartford, John Darwin, Matthew Hedley Stoppard, Louise Fazakerly, Winston Plowes, Iona Lee, Kevin Gilday, Liam McCormick, Robin Cairns, Darren 'Loki' McGarvey, Jimmy Andrex, Carol Robson, Ian Whiteley, among many others. 2016 - winner of The Stornoway Slam – the first poetry slam to take place in the Outer Hebrides. 2016 - Participant in the Scottish National Slam Championships in Glasgow. Contact on either 07999 768230 or Check out my youtube channel: Check out my Soundcloud page:


?list=PLgeyYfmExa9j0rCAHFB-FYOiws49blQmK Domestically Unbalanced Two black eyes and a broken nose when you came round mine today. You said after you left the pub last night you were attacked in the alleyway. You said four men attacked you, that you never saw it coming; they punched and kicked you to the ground and you had no chance of running. Something in your eyes was wrong I knew your story wasn't true, but what the fuck are you supposed to say when your best mate lies to you? Two weeks back it was the same thing, but the story was less violent after another evening beating had been delivered with less intent I didn't question then, likewise I didn't this time either instead I hoped you'd tell the truth not trying to be the great deceiver. I sat and listened to you for hours as you sighed and wheezed in pain when you said the one who did this I knew by face and name. "You see the thing is mate I I didn't get jumped" you said. "I got home last night safely and was beaten up by our lass instead." "I never hit her! I swear to you! I didn't provoke her either." "You should know it's not the first time, but I swear this time. I'm gonna leave her." "I have to see a specialist ruptured is my eye they think it could lead to partial blindness I'm in fucking agony when I blink." Rolling trouser legs up to show me and taking his shirt off too he revealed bite marks and bruises I couldn't believe any human could do. Bitten on his arms and legs his back and thighs and chest were blue! Face scabbing after being scratched, fresh blood on his cheek was new. I've never seen him look so bad. Pale and weak and helpless; staring at the ground feeling ashamed beaten abused and lifeless. ******* Society Never judge a book by its cover, you cannot tell a good person from another. The girl next door filled with aggression or the bully with a brain of great invention. A man covered with tattoos and scars, but no hair does this mean that he doesn't care? A prostitute selling her body to men. You assume, she has no emotions then? The perfect husband who beats his wife, a happy child cutting his wrists with a knife; the problem child who longs for attention does he ever receive any love or affection? The innocent man who's as guilty as sin the honest team bribing a ref to win. A joy-riding youngster avoiding a crash, the cautious driver killed in the smash. Respectable politicians in scandals of sleaze, the pervert that raped her, claimed she was a tease. A man who drinks in the pub every day, Alcoholic! Or lonely since his wife passed away? The man in the hospital with poor mental health with the right support could he look after himself? The youth of today what childhood have they? Drug abuse and teen pregnancies take all that away branded with names of 'scuffer' and 'chav' a collection of ASBO'S the latest must have. Respect is long gone in our modern living abuse and violence society is giving.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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keith jeffries

Sat 8th Jul 2017 12:33

Hello Matthew, thanks for the message and I wish you well in your endeavours. I shall be monitoring your work as you possess a style which I particularly enjoy. All is well in sun drenched Spain, but a little too hot at present. Keith

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keith jeffries

Thu 6th Apr 2017 11:25

Hello Matthew, it´s me again. I have come to read some more of the poems you have listed. They are so poignant, heartfelt and true. You have an ability to be empathetic in your work, unafraid to disclose your feelings. I too share the good fortune of knowing some very strong ladies in my time who have taught me a great deal about life, behaviour and compassion. I needed to be taught these and I am also grateful to them. Keep writing mate. Thanks. Keith

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keith jeffries

Mon 20th Mar 2017 16:06

Thank you for getting back to me about my comments on ´Society´. I have recently read more of your work which I truly admire. You are highly perceptive in what you write and embody your words in your own unique style. I suppose what I am trying to say is that you are doing your own thing and doing it really well. I live in Spain but would love to hear some of your recitations. Keep on writing mate, it can only get better. Cheers. Keith

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keith jeffries

Mon 13th Mar 2017 18:56

Society is one of the best poems I have ever read. Again thanks. Keith

Jade Kelly

Sat 4th Jun 2016 12:19

No problem!

Jade Kelly

Tue 2nd Feb 2016 23:13

I really liked your poem society, it is true, we are all so quick to judge without looking at the bigger picture. It was very thought provoking and very well written :')

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Matthew Nicholson

Tue 17th Jun 2014 08:18

Hello Daniel

Thankfully my best mate got out of the relationship and did not return. I remember telling him at the time if he went back to her, our friendship was over. 20+ years or not.

I couldn't cope with seeing him like that again and despite it being a bit extreme, I felt I had to make it very clear that he was worth more than being in an abusive and violent relationship.

Having known each other for so long, he knew I meant what I said. I'm relieved I never had to follow through and end an incredible friendship.

Thanks again for your comments and for reading.

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Daniel Dwyran

Sat 14th Jun 2014 20:50

Hello Matthew
I was very moved by your sample poems. Domestic Violence is abhorrent regardless of the gender of the victim and I felt that you captured the inner feeling of the victim and his best friend in Domestically Imbalanced.
Angel of the Street was a breaking down of barriers has a wonderful insight of humankind regardless of circumstance. I look forward to reading more of your work. Difficult subjects portrayed with a streetwise elegance. Enjoyed reading them very much.

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