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Hi I'm semi retired (from FE/HE), live near Bolton. Active in vol. work around education, and mental health. Sing; interested in am/dram. Did MA in Creative Writing in '96; only really started writing again in last 2 years. Prefer poetry to prose. About to have selection of work published via local writers' group; live readings to follow as part of commitment to grant awards towards pub. costs. Fav. poet: Robin Robertson Fav. poem: At Roane Head As from Sept. 2011 thoroughly enjoying performing poetry thoughout the NW


A EULOGY (I think) TO MARK DUGGAN Black guy shot, that's his lot; Judicial murder, sparks disorder; Mask a face, taunt the police Windows to smash, shops to trash, Who's for lootin'?, stick the boot in, Blaze a fire, start a war. Spread the message, rite of passage, Facebook, twitter, does it matter ? Blackberry incites, come join street fights, Do some robbin', even stabbin', Nick a flat screen, grab an i-phone. Swarm the street, release the hate. World-wide TV; let the world see. Mark Duggan, he's forgotten Fuel the fire, spread a war. Cameron's reaction - police aggression, Horseback charges, truncheon bashes, Watercannon ready, so to the army, Plastic bullets for gang culture misfits Prof. Starkey's ranted powellite hatred. STOP THOSE RIOTS! STOP THOSE RIOTS! Don't get caught, end up in Court, A chew of gum caused no harm, Kid is locked up, life all fucked up, For some gum, for some gum. Salford mother, just a receiver; took no part , yet she got caught; No one to listen; off to prison; Punish her bairn , that's how she'll learn. Quell the fire, crush the war. Mark who ? shot. Black guy so what. Courts on the loose, you're for the noose. Show your face now, in disgrace now. Shamed forever, for minor bother. No more rampage, repair the damage. Ignore the causes, harsh law enforces. Summary justice ? Gross injustice. Mark Duggan, buried forgotten. No more fire....yet. No more war....yet. Mind-whirring, soul-destroying, self-defeating, Hope traduced, despair seduced, I'm reduced To emptiness, unseen distress, brittleness. No-one come near, just beware that I'm at war With my demon, rigid solemn, in a spasm Of self -loathing,always losing, down cascading Into blackness, cocoon of coldness, snare of sadness, Isolation, corrugation, execration, Till I learn, can discern, that I'm a man Who has to hope, arise, escape, refuse to weep, Reach out with love, be utmost brave and always strive To win those wars, beat the fears, and he who dares Can only win. Go on! Go on!

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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Wed 29th Feb 2012 22:20

Hey man, havent seen u at wigan for a while. how u been

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Wed 19th Oct 2011 21:46

Thanks for your comment on my Chamydia poem Martin. Glad you got and liked the Tolkien references. I think it was Darren Thomas who I first heard liken Liverpool to Mordor. It made me laugh and the dim dark riders followed on... Us Wiganers love to take the mick out of scousers - I think we get it back in good measure though. If I hear another joke about Wigan kebabs (pies on a stick)...

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Sun 2nd Oct 2011 22:05

Thanks for your comment on Concession Martin. Yes, I suppose it was a bit of a traditional poem. I like to vary my style a bit and to try different things. My page poetry tends to be more serious and old fashioned, if you like that expression. I see you are getting out and about on the performance scene. It can take you like that, once you get the bug. x

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 29th Aug 2011 16:57

Welcome to WOL, see you thurs at Guitar n Verse, cheers Jeff

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Winston (Admin)

Sun 14th Aug 2011 13:47

Hi MArtin, fully accepted now. Winston

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Fri 12th Aug 2011 11:10

Nice meeting you at the Tudor last night Martin - hoped you enjoyed it. Your poems are grim but good. I particularly like the last line in both poems - they hang in the air - which is good for any poem, particularly a short one.

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Winston (Admin)

Thu 11th Aug 2011 23:09

Hi Martin, Just post up a pic and you will be a fully accepted member. Winston

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