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Louise Hogg

Updated: Sun, 22 Nov 2020 03:16 pm

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Who am I? I wish I knew. I guess I am a retired teacher with a Degree, an MA, and lots of baggage. I write as an escape, as therapy, as a reason to continue. I have 3 passions, my kids, my husband and my dogs. I have 3 fears, losing any of the above, the black dog and darkness.


The Dead Dolls She sat amongst her dollies Hair all chopped and matted their legs broken battered, Biro on each painted face. The fingers bitten off, Spat out and thrown away. Their toes all flat and mangled, Their eyes poked closed and gone. Each one no more a beauty, Each one now dead and gone. She did it as a child To each and every toy. Her mummy used to smack her, And say do it no more. She didn't like her changes, She didn't like her mess But now her mummy's gone, Her toys all thrown away, The bodies now are people, She killed them one by one. The Preacher The dark man walks beside me. I can tell that from his voice. He used to be a preacher. He says it's not a sin to die, That God knows why. He makes me not feel frightened. He tells me of a peace. Tranquil like in heaven, Release from screams and shouts. I like it when the preacher comes. He makes a choice seem right. He makes me see the darkness as a tunnel of endless light. We whisper, no one else can hear, Secret mad old friends. A preacher and a teacher. God help us see a path. Take me where it's quiet. So it all stops... The Magic Carpet It's green beneath my feet. As fresh as air. It's pure, untouched. Not kissed with snow, just green. Rippling like the ocean, Marching ants pass through. Undercover crawlers, Make it their home too. Soft yet crisp, Blades stand tall. Waltzing in the wind, Dancing bugs pass through. Underneath the magic carpet Bones decay away. No one knows they are there. Hiding clean away. Rotting, changing to dust, Secret Death pass through.

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Robert Mann

Thu 15th Jun 2017 12:55

Louise - thank you. It is a privilege I am glad to undertake and it is good to know that you find my comments encouraging.

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Louise Hogg

Wed 14th Jun 2017 22:13

Robert, I would be really touched if you gave your time to read my poems.
Your feedback and comments are really appreciated, boost my mood and inspire me to continue writing.
Kindest wishes,

Robert Mann

Wed 14th Jun 2017 18:30

Louise - I started with your first piece on WoL and was working my way through, not realising you had posted so many 'blogs' since January. Are you alright for me to continue, or would you rather me to ease off?

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Ian Whiteley

Sat 20th May 2017 12:50

Thanks for commenting on 'Gone' Louise - I'm pleased that you liked it and appreciate you taking the time to let me know

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 11th May 2017 17:48

I hope to read more of your work, Louise. I'm not on-line as much as I used to be. Thanks for joining WOL.

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John Bastard

Sun 22nd Jan 2017 22:13

Hi Louise,
Thanks for reading me.

acute mania is based loosely off of Howard blooms' commentary on violence being triggered by media (or not so much) in a short anecdote titled 'excersizing the animals in our brain' and, of course, the repressive, insistent, and destructive restlessness that comes with anxiety and compulsive disorders

Any entries with 'captain hook' in the title are conversational transcripts between me and a friend, or monologues written to them, or monologues written about them.

Ill be sure to take some time and peruse some pieces of yours as well, to return the favor

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